Treating SIBO With Essential Oils

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    jenie - March 28, 2018

    Hi David,

    Can the essential oils be taken by mouth not in a capsule? I am allergic to capsules
    Would it have the same effect?

      Christa - April 25, 2018

      I would not recommend taking these oils outside of a capsule as oregano and clove are what we call “hot” oils. They will burn your mouth and throat. Are you allergic to veggie caps? If so, I would research other types of capsules that may work better for you.

      Kerri - April 26, 2018

      You can put in a little water, stir and drink. Also dilute the combo in olive or coconut oil and rub on belly and feet. There are caps made of various materials. Like vegan ones. DoTerra sells some but I bet you might find something you are not allergic to on Amazon.

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