What is The Best Place To Buy Essential Oils? Top 5 Brands

best place to buy essential oils

Sometimes the process of getting right essential oil – for infection, allergies, therapeutic purpose, or even weight loss – can be tiring, if not annoying. The market is full of products of different brands that all end up leaving a sour taste in your mouth. You may even want to conclude that there are no quality essential oils out there. ‘They are all a fraud.’ ‘They all claim to be 100% pure, and of therapeutic grade, taken from natural plants and all that sales gimmicks.’ However, the solution to this problem is a phrase you probably hear every time, “the difference between original and fake products is where you buy them.” The point of this piece is to enlighten you on the brands to select or the best place to buy essential oil.

Top 5 Brands Comparison Table




Own Farm


Native American

very high



Plant Therapy

very high



Mountain Rose

very high



Aura Cacia

very high



Now Foods




What qualifies for a good essential oil?

From my years as a therapist and massage specialist, I have encountered many brands of essential oils (I use them myself), recommended a few to clients, and I have been asked the same question all the time. How do you always know the best Essential oils? What qualifies for a good oil? Where to buy organic essential oils? If you have the same questions, then continue reading.

Purity: The first criteria I look at is Purity. No one likes impure substances; besides, the presence of impurities reduces the effect of the product. It is important that an essential oil is unadulterated and undegraded. It must be free from fillers, synthetic materials, or additives. The oil must be produced from nature, ensuring that it gives 100% therapeutic effect on users. Another related factor, very similar to this is the kind of plant used in the essential oil. Some companies use endangered plants in production, which may be a threat to their existence. An excellent essential oil brand considers the plant and ensures their continuous survival.

Price: For every product you buy, there is always a reasonable cost: if anyone offers you a lower price, it could be a red flag for a low quality product. Quality Essential oils should serve the purpose for which it is bought. You have to understand that quality doesn’t come cheap. Original brands cost more than their counterparts do, and that is an important clue. I will typically choose a brand that offers the best price on essential oils.

Customer support: A good brand provides support for their customers, educate them on safe usage, and answer whatever query they have. If the brand does not consider customer support as important, then they do not deserve a good rating.

Popularity: Before recommending an essential oil, I usually consider its reputation amidst consumers. When making a purchase, it is a good thing to follow the crowd – hear what they have to say about the product. If many people are complaining about the product, it should serve as a good sign for you steer clear.

Top 5 essential oil companies to buy from: Pros and Cons

We did a review on the best essential oils. Here is our top 5 companies that are producing Essential oils.

Native American Nutritionals

Native American Essential Oils

This company is known to produce one of the best essential oils. The quality of their products is because they use only a single plant species that comes from farms who do not employ fertilizers or other chemicals. The product originates from a very natural environment.


  • Their product does what it says – a natural alternative form of healing.
  • The product is made from plants gotten from natural sources.
  • They have a long-standing reputation with clients.


  • Oils lack viscosity and hard to get in droplets.

Plant Therapy® Essential Oils

plant tree essential oils

I like this brand. They produce high quality and 100% pure essential oils from plants of high quality. This brand ensures that their products are used properly by creating a follow-up and providing instruction manuals for safe use. They also have an excellent team of aromatherapists ready to solve customer’s problems.


  • Products are fairly priced and of high quality.
  • They have a team to cater to customer’s queries. Simply put; excellent customer support.
  • There is a refund policy in case you are not satisfied.


  • The only flaw of this company is that they do not have their farm, and therefore have to source for materials from other suppliers.

Mountain Rose Herbs®

Mountain rose essential oils

This brand found its way into my heart and this list for producing quality, 100% pure organic products with a great aroma. What’s more, the products are favorable to the wallet and works according to prescription. Eco-friendliness is another point that makes this brand stand out from peers. The materials for their products are sourced from reputable producers. Personally, I would say this is the best essential oil for allergies, amidst other health related issues.


  • They have excellent customer support.
  • They have a broad range of products to choose from.
  • Decent prices for products
  • The thickness allows for drop usage.
  • There is a 60-day return policy if you are not satisfied with your purchase.


  • They do not make Essential oil blends.

Aura Cacia®

The essence of Essential oils is that it is 100% natural. Aura Cacia notes this and more. They are careful in the production of essential oils and place priority on customer satisfaction. They have also established themselves an aromatherapy company.


  • They have a long-standing reputation.
  • They have a broad range of products.
  • Their prices are competitive.
  • Fast shipping and 60-day return policy.

Now® Foods

This particular brand takes pride in their advanced quality control measures to ensure production of oils of the highest quality. All of their products are tested and made to adhere to the highest standard. They are one of the few companies whose product perform according to claims.


  • Production of high-quality products
  • They do not reuse bottles.


  • Their Essential oil fragrances have been discovered to have poor quality.

Wrapping it all up

If searching for the best place to buy essential oils online, many of the brands listed above have websites and product listings on Amazon to ease purchase, all with shipping options to your preferred location. I intended this write-up to serve as a guide when trying to get the best essential oil for allergies, health purposes, offices or homes. The brands were selected for fulfilling my quality criteria and are one of the best places to buy essential oil.

What Are The Best Essential Oils For Sleep? Top 9 Reviewed

best essential oils for sleep

If you are a little bit like me, you sometimes have trouble sleeping. You can experience trouble sleeping for various reasons, but you do not always want to take sleeping pills to help you sleep because these can have serious side effects. Instead of consuming medication, I recommend a more natural approach, such as using essential oils to help you sleep. What are the best essential oils for sleep? Let me share what essential oils help me improve my sleep and what blends and recipes I use.

What are the Best Essential Oils for Sleep?

What essential oils are good for sleep? I use tons of different oils, but there are a few that stand apart from the rest. When you want to venture into oils and figure out what essential oils help you sleep, I recommend a few of these oils:


Valerian is one of the essential oils to help sleep. It is ideal for people who have had a long and stressful day at work and need to relax in order to get sleep. Valerian not only calms the nervous system, but help ease restlessness. Hard days at work or long days running errands can cause your body to be restless and make it difficult for your body to unwind and sleep. I have used Valerian many times to help me fall asleep.


Valor is another one of the essential oils to help you sleep that I frequently use. I like valor because it has many different beneficial uses. Valor provides strength to the mind and body, builds self-esteem and provides a sense of strength to the entire body as well as courage and reduces snoring. Sometimes I want to feel good about myself, but for some reason, depression sets in and I am not as motivated as I would like to be. Valor is another one of many oils to help you sleep.


Sometimes my body becomes overstimulated. Over-stimulation within the body can occur for many reasons, including being excited, nervous or extremely sad. Vetiver is one of the best essential oils for sleep that I enjoy using. When my body is over-stimulated, the nervous system can react, causing it to become over-stimulated as well. Vetiver also calms my nervous system

Roman Chamomile

Roman Chamomile, like Valor, has many benefits, and I enjoy using it. Its warm, sweet scent provides relaxation properties that makes it easier for me to fall asleep and stay asleep. Roman Chamomile relaxes the mind and body.


Lavender is a popular oil and is found in different items that I use in my home, including candles, aroma spray, soap and hair products. Lavender is popular because of its relaxing properties. Aside from its relaxing properties, Lavender is also good to use for anxious feelings. Sometimes the events and situations that occur in my life upset me and make me feel as if I am losing control. Sometimes I feel anxious or upset. Lavender helps me calm my nerves and remove the feeling of being anxious or upset.

Peace and Calming

I believe that peace and calming is the best essential oil for sleep. This oil promotes relaxation and provides a sense of peace. Other beneficial factors of the best essential oil for sleep include the release of negative emotions, the promotion of emotional well-being and it is also great for children to use.


Cedarwood is another oil of many essential oils to help you sleep that I use frequently. Cedarwood soothes my mind and body while promoting relaxation. Cedarwood is great to use when you want to relax and take your mind off of things because it enables your brain to stop processing the problems of the day. People with stressful jobs, like me, often keep work on their mind long after they have left work. Cedarwood helps me take my mind off of things and helps me fall asleep.

Stress Away

Stress Away is one of many essential oils for sleep and relaxation that I use primarily during the weekend, and it is also self-explanatory. This oil not only acts as a stress reliever, it provides feelings of tranquility and a sense of inner peace. Many people use stress away daily to alleviate stress the work day has caused or get rid of anxious feelings. Stress Away restores equilibrium and helps your body relax.


When I'm feeling down, Orange oil gives my spirit a boost while providing my body with a calming experience. Orange oil assists with providing the body with peace and happiness as well as maintain cellular regeneration in a normal fashion.

Essential Oil Recipes/Blends for Sleep

There is more than one essential oil recipe to sleep that I use often. The perfect recipe for your essential oil blends for sleep depends upon your habits and daily routine. When you are trying to find the best essential oil recipe to sleep, I recommend trying a few of these recipes and blends that are listed below to start with.

Time for Sleep Essential Oil Blend


  • Generous amount of Orange oil (10-12 drops)
  • 7-8 drops of Lavender oil
  • 2-4 drops of Cedarwood oil
  • 3 drops of Valerian oil
  • 1-2 drops of Roman Chamomile oil


Get a clean, dry, medium-size bowl. Mix oils thoroughly. Once the oils are thoroughly mixed, slowly pour mixed oils into a bottle, preferably a glass bottle. This oil mixture can be used in a warm bath accompanied by Epsom salt, in a diffuser, applied to the skin or inhaled.

Sleeping Snoring Misting Spray Essential Oil


  • 40-55 drops of Pine Needle oil
  • 40-45 drops of Myrtle oil
  • 30 drops of Eucalyptus oil
  • 25-30 drops fresh Bay Laurel oil
  • 15-20 drops Marjoram oil
  • 2 teaspoons pure Emulsifier
  • 4-6 oz of distilled water


Mix oils together well in a small mixing bowl or measuring cup. Next add emulsifier and 4 oz of clear distilled water. Pour mixture into medium or large spray bottle. Shake well. The mixture may appear foggy or cloudy, but this is normal. Shake mixture well and spray whenever and wherever needed.

Plain Jane Sleeping Blend


  • 1 drop of pure Lavender
  • 1 drop of Bergamot


Mix ingredients well and spray or pour on a tissue. Dab oiled tissue between pillow cases and pillows for pleasant and refreshing night's rest.

How to Use These Essential Oils to Help You Sleep?

There are a lot of different essential oil blends for sleep, but you will have to decide which oil is the best essential oil blends for sleep. Each individual is different and their body reacts to the best essential oil blends for sleep differently. The best essential blends for sleep for you will be oils that relax your entire body, give you peace of mind and help you achieve a peaceful sleep so you are fully refreshed in the morning.


Diffusion is one of the best and quickest ways to reap the benefits an oil has to offer. Diffusion devices allow oil molecules to enter the air so you can inhale them. I often use this process to help me quickly inhale the aroma of the oils and relax my body.

Mind and Body

If you prefer not to use a diffusion device, you can rub oil on your neck and wrists. Sometimes I place oil in my hands to help with stress and relaxing while I am away from home. Place two or three drops of oil in your hands and rub them together.


Sometimes I use oils while I am taking a bath. Use three to seven drops of oil with a teaspoon of Epsom salt and soak for 20-30 minutes. Baking soda can be used as an alternative for Epsom salt.

To Conclude

I have shared what essential oils are good for sleep and hope you give them a try. You can use them to help you get a full night's rest and help your body relax. All of the oils mentioned are essential oils for sleep and relaxation that I use in my home. Each oil has properties that make it what essential oil is good for sleep. Natural perfection is what essential oil is good for sleep is made from which is why I use them and help people understand how to use them. Explore a few of these oils and discover your perfect sleeping remedy by using some of the oils I have suggested.

Best Essential Oils For Skin Care – These Oils Cure it All

best essential oils for skin care

Up until about 5 years ago, one of my biggest struggles was finding a skin care regime that worked for me. I tried every toner, scrub, cleanser, mask, and moisturizer on the market, all of which promised me flawless skin. It wasn’t until I threw away the store-bought nonsense-laden with harmful chemicals and began treating my skin with natural remedies that I finally achieved the flawless skin those bottles and tubes had promised. So, for anyone out there who is fed up with skin problems like acne, eczema, and wrinkles, I hear you! I’m here to tell you that these issues can be solved through simply incorporating essential oils into your skin care regime.

Top 4 Best Essential Oils for Skin Care

Essential Oils - you know them, you love them, but maybe you’re a little confused by them. I’ve broken it down simply to 4 of my favorite best essential oils for skin care and how they are used to remedy the 4 most common skin woes. Read on to discover the best essential oil for your skin and woe away eczema, a glowing skin, wrinkles and aging skin, and of course Acne.


Essential Oil

We Recommend




Lavender Oil


Dry Skin

Geranium Oil


Anti Aging & Wrinkles

Frankincense Oil



Tea Tree Oil Oil

Best Essential Oil for Eczema - Lavender

Lavender Essential Oil

Derived from beautiful flowers native to northern Africa, lavender essential oil is the most versatile of the essential oils! I love it not only for its enchantingly calming aroma, but also for the fabulous things it does for my skin. If you’re tired of dealing with itchy, blotchy, flaky skin caused by eczema and aren’t finding sufficient relief from prescription creams and tablets, you should give Lavender essential oil a chance to turn things around. According to Wholesome One, lavender is a soothing agent with antibacterial and antifungal properties that will calm even the most irritated skin and is the best essential oil for eczema. In addition, it relieves stress and brings balance to your skin, preventing eczema breakouts before they even begin. This multifaceted lifesaver is not only the best essential oil for eczema, but it also prevents overproduction of sebum (the natural oil that your skin produces), which makes it great for treating acne.

Dr. Axe, wellness physician, recommends mixing a few drops with aloe vera cream or lotion and applying the mixture generously to eczema problem areas. For acne treatment, I like to dilute lavender with a base oil and apply directly to pimples with a cotton swab.

Best Essential Oil for a Glowing Skin - Geranium

Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium was used for centuries by the ancient Egyptians to promote lustrous skin. I can totally see why! Whenever my face feels drab from lack of sleep or stress, geranium essential oil makes me look refreshed, well-rested, and radiant again! Geranium is definitely the best essential oil for your face. It is another multifaceted essential oil that is wonderful for all skin types, especially skin that feels dull and lifeless. According to Experience Essential Oils, geranium is a cicatrizant, promoting circulation beneath your skin. This means it evens out pigmentation while reducing dark spots and scars, giving your skin that beaming look we all strive for. Organic Facts points out that it’s also an astringent, which means it tightens skin to reduce wrinkles and balances skin’s production of natural oils, which helps prevent acne. Geranium is definitely one of the the best essential oils for a glowing skin!

Dr. Axe, wellness physician, recommends adding 2 drops to your everyday facial moisturizer and applying daily. However, I prefer to go all natural by diluting it with a base oil (coconut is my favorite) and massaging it all over my face whenever I need a boost.

Best Essential Oil for Wrinkles & Aging Skin - Frankincense

Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense comes from the resin of desert region Boswellia trees and is the best-kept secret for achieving younger-looking skin! Despite our best efforts, as we get older and gravity takes over, our skin begins to sag and wrinkles begin to form. However, Frankincense  is the best essential oil for wrinkles and makes me look 10 years younger! Nature’s Gift notes that it is a strong astringent, meaning it causes skin cells to contract, lifting and tightening facial skin. According to Organic Facts, it also has cytophylactic properties, meaning it regenerates skin cells, replacing old cells with new ones and keeping skin fresh and healthy from the inside out! This means saying goodbye to skin creases, baggy under eyes, sun spots, and uneven pigmentation with a completely natural remedy. Frankincense is fantastic for all skin types, but is particularly effective on aging and oily skin.

Dr. Axe, wellness physical, recommends mixing a few drops of frankincense essential oil into your everyday moisturizer and applying generously to your face and body. My favorite method for using frankincense is putting a few drops in a pot of boiling water, holding my face a few inches above the pot and covering my head with a towel, and steaming for about 10 minutes for a DIY facial!

Best Essential Oil for Acne - Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree essential oil is the ultimate healing agent! It originated in Australia and according to Body Ecology, aboriginal tribes have centuries-old legends about a magical lagoon of tea tree oil where people would bathe to heal skin disorders. Contrary to popular belief, acne is not just a problem affecting hormonal teenage girls! Everyone suffers from acne breakouts from time to time, myself included! There is nothing more embarrassing when I am trying to look and feel my best than blackheads, whiteheads, and red dots scouring my face. Oftentimes, conventional acne treatments (creams, scrubs, ect.) lead to redness, irritation, and MORE acne! However, according to Home Remedies, tea tree essential oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties that prevent acne and antiseptic properties that removes acne-ridden skin cells. It unblocks glands, cleans out pores, and dries out pimples. In fact, a study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information concluded that tea tree essential oil is just as effective in treating acne as benzoyl peroxide, a component found in most leading acne medications. Say goodbye to acne once and for all with tea tree essential oil!

If you have sensitive skin like I do, dilute tea tree with a base oil and apply with a cotton ball to acne-prone areas. However, it is also safe to apply tea tree essential oil to acne-prone skin by itself.

Wrapping it Up

So there you have it! 4 of the best essential oils for skin care to combat 4 of the most common skin woes! Hopefully after reading this article, you will never again bother with the fuss of expensive, store-bought, chemical-filled skin products and instead use these simple, natural, holistic remedies for skin issues! Once I started using these techniques, I never looked back and my skin has thanked me. Instead of taking my word for it, give it a try yourself and see how much your life will change by simply introducing the best essential oil for skin care into your skincare regime. It’s never too early to start being the healthiest, most beautiful version of yourself! You can also read my article about essential oils and haircare to get an insight how to treat your hair with essential oils.

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