These Essential Oils For Snoring Problems Really Work

Essential Oils For Snoring

‘You snore. I hate it’. That statement is probably one of the most embarrassing statements you’ve heard. The harsh sound of breathing due to the vibration of the soft palate, called snoring may be the reason why people dread sleeping around. Snoring can sometimes be mild, however, in many cases, it can be noisy and unpleasant.

Once, while in college, I had a roommate who had serious snoring problems. I had to deal with many sleepless nights, and there were times I had to sit outside or sleep over. Over the time, tension built between us. I discovered I was starting to dislike him, and our conversation reduced.

A snoring partner can also be a threat to your relationship. Snoring is not attractive. It causes major impairment in other people’s lifestyles. The ‘snorer’ most times isn’t aware, but the people around them are the ones who get to suffer. Sleep deprivations can lead to decreased focus, irritability, daytime drowsiness, and reduced libido.

Snoring is in most cases caused by the soft palate

Snoring can be caused by either anatomical factors; chronic nasal congestion deviated nasal septum, malformed mouth and sinus anatomy (e.g. enlarged tonsil), or lifestyle; alcohol consumption, smoking, obesity (accumulation of fat), or even allergies. Anatomical factors can be corrected by surgery, or lifestyle adjusted, however, sometimes the solution goes beyond that. Sometimes going natural by using Essential Oils could be the lasting solution you have been looking for. In this article, I will address Essential oils for snoring that will work for you.

Try Out These Essential Oils for Snoring Problems

With increasing search for alternatives to drugs, Essential Oils have come to be appreciated as a potent remedy for many medical conditions especially snoring. When choosing Essential oils, ensure you choose only therapeutic grade oils. Based on efficiency, the following are the best essential oils for snoring problems.

What are the best essential oils to stop snoring?

Thyme Essential Oil for Snoring

Thyme is not just another spice, its use goes beyond Believed to be the best essential oils used for treating snoring, the Thyme Essential Oil not only helps respiratory problems, muscular and joint health; it also helps clear nasal passages with its cleansing features.

For use, I would suggest you mix 4-6 drops with a carrier oil (coconut oil, jojoba oil, etc.) at 50-50 ratio especially if you plan to use topically, thyme alone can be toxic to skin. From users’ opinions, applying the oil to the bottom of the feet, especially the big toes works. This is because this spot serves as a reflex for the neck area.

Thyme helps against many problems like Joint and Muscle pain.

Another way to use is to employ a diffuser and have it turned on some minutes before bedtime. This will allow the aroma to saturate the room. The thyme aroma will help ease your breathing while you sleep. If you find the aroma displeasing, you can diffuse the other Essential oils which work for snoring problems.

Precaution should be taken during pregnancy, and hypertensive patients should see the doctor before usage.

Marjoram Essential Oil for Snoring

This is another essential oil proven to work against snoring. The Marjoram Essential Oil, asides its many uses, also work effectively for breathing problems. It is usually employed in many essential oil blends for stopping snoring.

Majoram works very well with breathing problems and thus with snoring

Often, taking in the odor of Marjoram oil helps to clear airway passages, and stops snoring. It can also be used in a diffuser. You can stop diffusing once the effects set in, and your body adjusts accordingly. This is easy if you use a diffuser with auto shutoff. Simply set it to diffuse for 2 hours at most. The potency of this oil is so high that some users reported that their snoring stopped entirely after the first night, while some said it took about six weeks. Body reactions are different; therefore, you should continue usage until you are satisfied it has worked. Do not give up.

This oil is not safe for use during pregnancy.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

The Eucalyptus doesn’t just work as your home remedy for common cold; it works efficiently for snoring as well. The same way it helps to open your nose so you can breathe well, also, acts as a decongestant and clears your air passageways. Eucalyptus liquefies mucus and is a natural anti-inflammatory that can curb swellings in the inner lining of the nose. Asides cold and snoring, its analgesic, antispasmodic and antiseptic properties make it an excellent oil for bronchitis, asthma, sinusitis and many other breathing problems.

For use, you can dilute or blend with lavender, thyme or lemon oil and simply rub the oil over your nose evenly (Eucalyptus is safe for the skin).

Eucalyptus is safe for the skin and works very well with Lavender

Another way is to inhale the steam. If you don’t have a diffuser for this purpose, you can use hot water. Pour about 3-5 drops of the oil into the hot water (in a bowl or sink). Put a towel over your head and bend over it. Inhale continuously for about 6 minutes. This method works well as an essential oil to stop snoring.

Valor Essential Oil

The Valor Essential Oil, produced by Young Living, has proven itself as an essential oil blend that helps the body to independently correct itself and achieve optimal health.

Valor Essential oil from Young And Living helps to achieve your body optimal health

The Valor Essential Oil has in its composition both rosewood, spruce, almond, frankincense, and blue tansy oil. Though the price of the oil is on the high side, you will find it a worthy buy if you need a reliable solution to your snoring problems.

The oil also has an excellent and comforting aroma. It can be used with a carrier oil, or alone by dropping it on the bottom of your big toe and rubbing it on evenly before going to bed.

You can also use Valor Essential Oil with a diffuser.

Peppermint Essential Oil

This particularly works best if your snoring is caused by blocked air passages. The peppermint has antispasmodic, and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help open up your airways. It prevents the inflammation of the inner linings in nasal passages. Also, the oil will clear your throat, nose, and chest and reduce snoring. Aside from snoring, it can be used to treat other breathing problems like asthma.

To use, simply rub the oil at the entrance of your nostrils before going to sleep.

Another way to use is to gargle it. Put 3-4 drops of the oil into a glass of water and gargle for a few minutes. Care should be taken however, so the mixture is not swallowed.

The Peppermint essential oil can ideally be kept at arm’s length as an antiseptic and digestion aid.

Lavender Essential Oil

The Lavender Oil is extremely useful for both calming and relaxation and snoring. It ensures that users get a comfortable night rest. Its antispasmodic properties help to clear the air passages.

You can use the oil with a diffuser over the night for efficiency. Other uses include skin care, sleep disorders, headache and mood enhancing.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Another excellent essential oil to get rid of snoring is the Tea tree Essential Oil. It can be used alone or blended with other essential oils.

For use, you can simply inhale a drop of the oil, or mix with thyme oil.

Applying Essential Oils

Preparing essential oil recipes for snoring requires the knowledge of properties of each essential oil. This will allow knowing what benefits you will get from each mixture. The following are the Suggested Methods of Application:

1. Topical Application: After diluting the essential oil in your preferred carrier oil (e.g. coconut or jojoba oil) at the ratio 50:50, rub it unto your chest, shoulders and neck before going to bed. You can also apply it the bottom of your feet, around the big toe.

2. Gargling: You can add 2-3 drops of essential oil into a glass of water and gargle. It will help clear your throat and nasal passages.

3. Rubbing on your nostrils: Applying diluted oils to the entrance of the nostrils, right below your nose also works.

4. Diffusing: You can easily get a cheap diffuser. It will serve as aromatherapy for snoring. Please note that most citrus-based oils will harm your diffuser.

5. Steaming: This is done by putting 2-3 drops of essential oil into a bowl containing hot water. Then cover your head with a thick towel and bend over the bowl to inhale the steam. It will help decongest your air passages.

Also, when trying to stop snoring using essential oil blends, observe safe and proper usage. Sometimes, a change in lifestyle, e.g. reducing alcohol, smoking, and losing weight can be the remedy you need. Another thing, Try not to sleep on your back as it will clog your air passages. Instead, lie on your side. You can also have your head propped up with a pillow while sleeping. The use of essential oils for snoring does not necessarily guarantee a permanent solution. However, a larger percentage have recorded success with it and hopefully you would too. You should not allow snoring to stand in the way of family’s enjoyable night rest.

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