Essential Oil Diffuser: How to Clean Your Diffuser and Keep It Working Properly

essential oil diffuser

Has your essential oil diffuser stopped misting? Have you noticed a change in its quality since you bought it?

Diffusers, like any other home good we use daily, need regular maintenance.

You may think it doesn’t need cleaning because it only uses water and oils. But, diffusers are prone to corrosion and blockages from residue. With every use, the chosen oil leaves behind some product in the device.

Without proper maintenance, your diffuser will not last very long. And, it will affect the quality of the aroma it produces. Keep reading to learn how to clean your essential oil diffuser.

Quick Clean

In many households, the diffuser is always on the job. We use it when cleaning, for resting and sleeping, and as aromatherapy.

It may seem excessive to clean after every use. Especially since you know, you’ll be using it again shortly.

Unfortunately, not cleaning after each use will shorten the lifespan of your diffuser. Each oil you use leaves a residue in the diffuser that builds-up on the ultrasonic chip. This build-up will damage the chip and make future oils smell off.

The easiest way to do a quick clean of your diffuser is with a damp microfiber cloth. First, ensure you unplug the diffuser and empty any remaining water out.

Wipe the damp cloth across the outside of the device and then the inside container.

The final step is to take a Q-tip and dip it in rubbing alcohol. You should clean your diffuser with alcohol because it kills any bacteria. Gently rub the Q-tip on the ultrasonic chip or plate at the bottom of the water container.

And, that’s it! It shouldn’t take more than a minute to do a quick clean of your unit after every use.

Deep Clean

Even if you do a quick clean after every use, your essential oil diffuser needs a deep clean once a month. This will tackle the tougher buildup inside and increase its lifespan.

This is the best method of deep cleaning for your diffuser. You will need castile soap and lemon essential oil.

1. To begin, unplug the diffuser and empty out any remaining water.

2. Then, inspect the lid. If there are any removable parts, take them off and wash them on their own.

3. In a bowl, combine 2-3 drops of castile soap and 1 liter of water. Use a microfiber cloth to soak in the bowl and then wipe down all surfaces of your diffuser.

4. Wipe down any removable pieces you took off. Never soak pieces that connect to the electricity source in water.

5. For stubborn areas of buildup, place a few drops of lemon essential oil on your cloth. Rub a little rougher on those spots with the oil and they should come off.

6. Use the same alcohol and Q-tip method from the quick clean method on the ultrasonic plate.

7. The final step is to take a new microfiber cloth and give the device one last wipe down. Allow it to fully dry, and you’re good to go!

This deep cleaning method should only take about 5-10 minutes or less.

Maintenance Tips

Certain diffuser problems need their own unique solution. Here’re some of the most common problems and solutions for maintaining your diffuser.

Can I Use White Vinegar for Cleaning?

Pure white vinegar is an excellent cleaning solution. It removes oil residue and clears blockages.

But, it can also void your warranty on certain diffuser brands. Before using it, you should check your owner’s manual and warranty to see if it’s allowed.

What If It’s Not Making Enough Mist?

If your diffuser is producing some mist, but not the usual amount, something could be wrong. First, check the mist settings on your device to make sure it wasn’t turned down by accident.

Then, check that the water level is high enough. If neither of those is the problem, you need to check the inlet fan. When the fan gets a build up of dirt or dried up essential oil, it won’t push enough mist out.

Always maintain your diffuser by doing quick and deep cleans.

Why Is the Water in My Diffuser Hot?

The water shouldn’t be hot unless you poured it in hot. If the water is becoming hot in your diffuser, it could be because it’s being filled up too high.

Follow water level guidelines exactly. Unplug the device, empty out the water, and let the machine cool down. Then, try again with the right level of water.

But, I Poured the Right Amount of Water In…

If the water is still heating up despite filling it to the right level, there could be a block in the inlet fan.

Turn off the diffuser and give it time to cool down.

Inspect the diffusers surroundings. Remove any fabric or material that could be blocking the fan. Sometimes dog fur or hair can get caught and cause blockage as well.

Ensure that the fan is completely clear and clean. Once the device has cooled down, try diffusing an oil again.

Different Brands, Different Guidelines

It’s crucial you refer to your diffuser’s manual when there’s a problem. Some brands make their diffusers a little different from the others.

You should follow your specific device’s guidelines for maintenance and troubleshooting. And, always check the warranty to avoid using cleaning products that could void it.

Want More Tips for Maintaining Your Essential Oils Diffuser?

Essential oil diffusers have revolutionized how we live at home. They’ve changed how we look at relaxing and opened many people’s eyes to natural remedies.

Whether you just bought your first device or have used them for years, it’s important to know how to maintain your diffuser. The longevity of its functioning depends on you taking regular care of the diffuser.

Use the quick clean method above after every use. Deep clean your diffuser once a month for a more thorough clean.

For more tips, tricks, and guides on using your essential oil diffuser, check out the blog.

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