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By Sally Wong / January 30, 2017

Are you looking for a handy page where you can see all article posted on this website? Well here it is. Essential Oils about Beauty Anti Aging Best Essential oils for Acne Treatment Essential Oils for Skin Tags Essential oils for Hair Growth and Stopping Hair Thinning Best Essential Oils For Skin Care Fight Wrinkles […]


How Essential Oils Can Be Beneficial To Freelance Writers

By Sally Wong / November 24, 2016

Essential Oils For WritingIf you’re a freelance writer, there’s a good chance that you’ve suffered from writer’s block, lack of focus, and many a sleepless night, perhaps due to anxiety over your latest pitch. One way to combat these issues is by using aromatherapy with essential oils chosen for each specific problem you encounter in […]


A Biblical View On Essential Oils

By Sally Wong / October 10, 2016

As a massage therapist, I have the good fortune to witness the healing power of essential oils. It’s remarkable how people respond to the fragrances and sensations they impart. At one point in my practice, I became curious about the historical use of essential oils. Researching their origin led me to biblical references. There are […]