12 Best Essential Oils for Psoriasis – Blends, Mixes and Recipes

best essential oils for psoriasis

What Are The Best Essential Oils You Can Use For Psoriasis?

After another episode of the annoyingly unpredictable episode of red, itchy and scaly skin prevented you from attending the party you?ve prepared for all your life, you probably wondered why life is so unfair. The chronic skin condition alters one?s lifestyle, reduces your self-esteem, causes anxiety, and makes you go about in fully covered even in the hot weather. An irritating skin disorder, Psoriasis is a resistant auto-immune disease that results in patches of abnormal skin.

Causes, Symptoms and Triggers

The skin patches are a result of the skin cells multiplying up to 10 times faster than the usual rate. Normally, skin cells are changed every 28-30 days, but in the case of Psoriasis, skin cells change every 3-5 days. The cells underneath die upon reaching the surface and leads to several layers of dead skin cells. The excessive skin cells production (caused by a disorder of the immune system) leads to an episode of the skin condition. Psoriasis usually occurs on the shin, navel area, scalp, and elbows, but it can also affect the torso, palms, and soles of the feet. It is believed to be a genetic disease, hereditary, and not contagious. Five main types of Psoriasis exist, namely: plaque, guttate, inverse, pustular, and erythrodermic.

The symptoms (based on the type) include:

  • 1. Plaques in the form of red or silvery-white scaly skin usually covered with scales. The lesions are sometimes very itchy and may lead to severe scratching that causes it to crack and bleed.
  • 2. The skin swells, and results in severe exfoliation.
  • 3. The nails change in appearance. The changes include pitting of the nail, whitening, yellow-reddish discoloration, and removal of nails from the nail beds.

Psoriasis is triggered by weather, emotional stress, trauma, streptococcal infection, and has no known cure. However, treatments can help you prevent the breakout of this embarrassing disease and allow you to lead a normal life.

Essential Oils are a natural way of treating Psoriasis. They help by providing relief to breakouts and preventing future occurrences by curbing the triggers. For the oils to work effectively, and possibly permanently, you may have to go through a comprehensive natural treatment. I have highlighted some of the best oils to use.

The Best Essential Oils for Psoriasis Treatment And Relief

Tea Tree Oil

Gotten from the leaves of a plant native to Australia, the tea tree oil is a potent and versatile essential oil for healing. It has antifungal, antibacterial, and antifungal properties, which makes it one of the best oils for psoriasis. Not only does it boost the immune system, but it also helps to rejuvenate body cells and reduces the swelling and inflammation caused by the disease.

When the itching and scratching starts, using tea tree oil help reduces the chances of an infection and inflammation. Using Tea Tree Oil for Psoriasis on scalp provides instant relief.

You can use the tea tree oil with a diffuser or apply topically over the affected areas. You should exercise caution when using it for kids below age six. I would suggest you dilute with coconut oil before use.

Lavender Oil

Popular as one of the most studied and versatile essential oil, the Lavender oil is excellent for the treatment of psoriasis. It is also used for many other skin conditions like eczema, acne, boils, burns, allergies. The Lavender oil contains antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that work against the activities of microbes and prevent further infection.

When applied, it can help soothe psoriasis, reduce inflammations, and reduce pain resulting from scratching. It also helps to ease stress and anxiety, which are possible triggers for psoriasis. It is one of the good oils for seborrheic dermatitis.

For topical application, dilute the oil with a suitable carrier oil to avoid possible skin irritation. You can also put a few drops in your bath water. Alternatively, you can mix the oil with your lotion, or use with a diffuser.

Lavender Oil blends well with other essential oil.

Geranium Oil

The Geranium works efficiently in rejuvenating body tissues and is very valuable on the skin. It helps to improve circulation, and reduce the inflammation caused by psoriasis. It helps the body create more healthy cells. The Geranium oil works to relieve stress, an enhance moods too.

For topical applications, dilute the oil with your preferred carrier oil to prevent adverse reactions. If possible, perform a skin patch test.

You can add one or two drops of geranium oil to your meals.

Thyme Oil

The thyme oil is a very potent oil with thymol as its primary component. The thymol is a strong antiseptic, and this makes the Thyme oil excellent for treating psoriasis.

You can dilute the oil with a suitable carrier oil before applying topically on the skin.

Helichrysum Oil

Also known as ?immortelle,' helichrysum oil contains antiseptic, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. The oil helps to reduce the symptoms of psoriasis by healing skin damages and soothing the itches and pain. It also prevents further infection of the wounds and eases possible inflammations.

You can use the oil topically or with a diffuser.

Peppermint Oil

Popular for its primary component, menthol, this versatile oil is excellent for the treatment of psoriasis. It is one of the best natural oils for psoriasis. It soothes the pain, itches resulting from psoriasis, and helps to prevent further infection of the area.

You can use the peppermint internally or topically in small doses.

Myrrh Oil

The Myrrh oil has strong healing powers and has antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal properties. It is an excellent aid for people with psoriasis as it helps soothe the pain from the cracked skin. It helps the body to renew and restore damaged skin cells. It is also a good oil for stretch marks and combating aging.

Rosemary Oil

Obtained from Rosemarinus Officinalis, the rosemary oil has excellent antioxidant properties that help in the treatment of psoriasis. It helps to restore skin structure and prevent further damages.

The Rosemary Oil can be used internally or topically. However, it is unsafe for use by pregnant women, or people with epilepsy.

Chamomile Oil

Not only does the chamomile helps with cell development, but it also improves the skin and soothes the itches and pain resulting from psoriasis. It improves the lesion and patches as well.

You can either diffuse the oil, or use topically by rubbing a few drops on your forehead.

Angelica Oil

Angelica has diuretic properties, which makes it an excellent detox oil. It rids the body of harmful toxins and wastes. The oil also helps to clear skin congestion, patches and lesions resulting from psoriasis.

Jojoba Oil

The use of Jojoba oil for psoriasis is based on its excellent healing power. It is a carrier oil, not an essential oil, and can be used for treating psoriasis. It works as a moisturizer, repair damaged skin cell tissues, and helps to soothe the skin.

Andiroba Oil

The myristic and linoleic acid found in this oil works excellently for treating psoriasis. Andiroba Oil helps to curb the excess growth of skin cells, and restore the regular lifecycle of the cells.

Other notable oils include Eucalyptus oil, patchouli oil, Bergamot oil, coconut oil, and the juniper, scalp oil for psoriasis.

Essential Oil Blends for Psoriasis


  • 6 tablespoons of carrier oil (e.g. coconut oil, sweet almond oil)
  • 4 drops of patchouli oil
  • 10 drops of frankincense oil
  • 10 drops of geranium oil
  • 1 drop of clary sage oil
  • 11 drops of lavender oil
  • 3 drops of mandarin oil
  • 1 drop of ylang-ylang oil
  • 9 drops of bergamot oil

Mix the essential oils together with the carrier oil and store in a bottle, away from sunlight. Shake well, and apply to the affected area twice daily.

Tea Tree oil recipe for Scalp Psoriasis

  • 10 drops of tea tree oil
  • 10 drops of lavender oil
  • 3 ounces of hydrosol/hydrolat
  • 5 teaspoonful of apple cider vinegar

Mix the ingredient and shake well. Store away in a cool dry place and apply at least twice daily.

Bath Oil

  • 4 drops of bergamot oil
  • 4 drops of lavender oil
  • 2 drops of German chamomile
  • 1 teaspoonful of olive oil
  • 1 cup of oats
  • ? cup of dead sea salt

Mix the blend and use with your bath water at least twice a week. It will help reduce your risk of getting an infection.

Lotion Blend

  • 5 teaspoonful of avocado oil
  • 5 teaspoonful of borage seed or evening primrose oil
  • 15 drops of tea tree oil
  • 5 drops of myrrh oil

Blend these oils together and rub on the affected area twice daily. It will help restore the vigor of the skin.

In Conclusion

While using essential oils would work for psoriasis, I would also recommend you follow a course of the healthy diet. Note that certain food allergens that may cause flare-ups; e.g. eggs, grains, nightshade, etc. Another thing is to take enough rest. Find time to relax after the day?s busy work. Essential oils are suitable for all skin types; all you need is to find the one that works best for you.  

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