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best essential oils for candles

What Are The Best Essential Oils To Use For Making Candles?

Are you planning to make candles with essential oils? Candles do more than just light up and warm our homes; their scents add a lovely fragrance to our surrounding. They also make excellent gifts. The most popular waxes used in candles are paraffin wax and soy wax. However, soy wax candles hold more benefits than ordinary paraffin wax candles, in that they are more natural, eco-friendly, has lower risk and burn twice longer than ordinary candles, meaning that you get more value. Soy wax also has a lower melting point and will easily melt in the microwave.

When you make soy candles yourself, you get to decide its scent and appearance. Although people prefer using fragrance oil in making candles because of the give stronger scent, the use of essential oils for candle making gives more health benefits. If you like many others are searching for ways to get optimum effects from your soy wax candle, then you are in the right place. Here is what you need to know about the two types of oil.

Fragrance oils are synthetic, meaning they are made from artificial materials, although they are designed to smell like natural flowers, fruits or plants. They can only appeal to your sense of smell but pose no therapeutic or medicinal properties. They are made in the lab to adopt any preferred aroma. They are a cheaper alternative for those who want to have a scented environment.

Essential Oils, on the other hand, are made from natural sources, plants, and can either be made through distillation, cold pressing or extracted through a solvent like alcohol. Essential oils have many proven therapeutic and medicinal benefits and have been used over the years for many health conditions. Essential oils are therefore more expensive when compared to fragrance oil. It is ideal that you use essential oils for soy candle making.

You should note that not all essential oils are useful for soy candle making. Some essential oils are delicate and don?t work well with heat. You will also find some essential oils have an unpleasant smell that might be irritating to your nose.

Choosing The Best Essential Oils for Candles

The size of the room: if you were using the soy candle in a large area, it would be better you go for oils with higher fragrance strength and high aroma density.

Occupants of the house: Some essential oils are not recommended for people with particular allergies, pregnant women, children or senior citizens because they may likely have negative effects.

Chemical properties: As I mentioned earlier, not all essential oils can be used with candles. When oil is produced through steam distillation, it is bound to withstand more heat than those that are extracted through pressing or solvent extraction. You will only be wasting good essential oils when you use them.

The Best Essential Oils for Soy Candles

These best essential oils for candles have been chosen because they are not only economical, they can also be used with little or no risk.

  • 1. Lemongrass
  • 2. Lemon-scented Eucalyptus
  • 3. Benzoin
  • 4. Lime
  • 5. Orange
  • 6. Spearmint
  • 7. Clove
  • 8. Geranium
  • 9. Ylang ylang
  • 10. Lavandin

These oils are not only economical; they can also be used with little or no risk.

Lavender is another essential oil for candles that can also be used, being popular and with a sweet aroma. But it is more expensive than those listed above.

Essential oil recipes for candles: Some Great Blends To Use

  • You can blend lemongrass with geranium to achieve a more lasting fragrance due to their tenacity.
  • Both cinnamon and clove make an excellent combo, though you can consider adding spruce and pine oil.
  • Adding patchouli to any other Essential Oil will add a just-rained-earthy note to the oil.
  • Ylang ylang, when mixed with other essential oils, help to smoothen out the blend.
  • Also, blending orange oil into your recipe can give it a long lasting fragrance.
  • You can also mix lime and lemongrass with essential oil blends for candles to help juiciness.

How to make Candles with Essential Oils

Materials needed: Soy wax, preferred essential oil, wick, wooden spoon or wooden skewer, glass measuring container, Mason jar.

First step: Pour 450g, of soy wax flakes into the glass container. Leave some at the top in case the wax rises after melting.

Second Step: Place the glass measuring container inside the oven and heat for 30 seconds with periodic breaks for 3 minutes. During the breaks, stir the wax with the wooden spoon or skewer to ensure the heat spreads evenly and allow the wax to melt properly. After 3 minutes, remove the container and place on a table.

Third step: Using the wooden spoon, mix into the wax several drops of essential oils. This should be done with personal discretion. Strongly scented oils would require only a few drops while lightly scented ones will require more drops. You can add 8-10 drops at first and let your nose do the rest.

Fourth Step: Place the wooden skewer on the mason jar (this will hold the candle). Wrap the wick around the skewer thrice right at the center of the mason glass and drop the wick into the glass.

Fifth Step: Let the wick stay at the center of the glass. If possible, tape it down to the bottom of the glass so it would stay in place. Then pour the wax into the glass container into the mason jar. Hold the wick in place until the wax hardens enough for it to stay upright.

Sixth Step: Place the candle in the refrigerator to harden. Let it stay for about 2 hours.

Seventh Step: After the candle hardens, trim the wick to 1 inch and light up to enjoy.


Whatever essential oils you choose for candle making, make sure they are of high quality. Also, consider your budget and allergies before buying. Over my years of dealing with essential oils, they have never disappointed, whatever means I choose to utilize them be it in candles, diffusers, or topically. I personally recommend this for those going through phases of aromatherapy so they can enjoy the full health benefits that nature has to offer. Choose from the array of essential oils for candles that I suggest, and you are good to go.

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