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    Sally Wong is a manual therapist for about 15 years now and also a massage specialist. She is actively taking care of her body to stay healthy and in shape by doing Yoga and Tai Chi. She has a lot of knowledge and interest in Essential Oils because of her Oriental background. She learnt many things from her Grandmother. Originally from a small village in South China, now she lives in Vancouver, Canada.


    6 Best Essential Oils for Weight Loss – Best Blends and Recipes

    By Sally Wong / November 21, 2016

    What Are The Best Essential Oils For Losing Weight?Overweight means one thing: your body is absorbing more food and nutrients than the energy you expend for work and metabolism. Weight gain can also be due to excess alcohol consumption, (added) sugars, refined carbohydrates, and fats. They slowly accumulate in the body and can sometimes be […]


    12 Best Essential Oils for Psoriasis – Blends, Mixes and Recipes

    By Sally Wong / November 20, 2016

    What Are The Best Essential Oils You Can Use For Psoriasis?After another episode of the annoyingly unpredictable episode of red, itchy and scaly skin prevented you from attending the party you’ve prepared for all your life, you probably wondered why life is so unfair. The chronic skin condition alters one’s lifestyle, reduces your self-esteem, causes […]


    9 Best Essential Oils for Cellulite (With Blends & Recipes)

    By Sally Wong / November 19, 2016

    What Are The Best Essential Oils For Cellulite Massage & Treatment? Also known as adiposis edematosa, cellulite is the protrusion of hypodermal fat deposits in the fibrous connective tissue that appears as skin dimpling and nodularity. It occurs often on the buttocks, upper arms, lower limbs, and abdomen. Cellulite can occur in both sexes, but it […]


    What Are The Best Essential Oils for Stretch Marks Removal?

    By Sally Wong / November 18, 2016

    Best Essential Oils For Treating and Preventing Stretch MarksThe skin is elastic and should expand naturally, however, when its elasticity is degraded, the skin is forced to expand regardless, and this leads to light and dark skin color pattern on the skin. This pattern is similar to a zebra’s stripes and can appear on the […]


    What Are The Best Essential Oils for Depression?

    By Sally Wong / November 17, 2016

    What Essential Oils Go Well With Depression?Research has shown that using aromatherapy for depression is powerful for enhancing mood. The body is known to respond to the power of smell. Aromatherapy is a natural remedy that employs the power of essential oils and their fragrance to alleviate depression. When you perceive the aroma, the molecules […]


    Use These Essential Oils for Shingles Treatment – A Natural Cure

    By Sally Wong / November 16, 2016

    Treating Shingles Naturally With These Essential OilsHerpes Zoster, Zoster, or Zona are names associated with the viral disease known as Shingles. Blisters and painful skin rashes characterize the disease and are caused by the same virus responsible for chicken pox — varicella zoster virus (VZV). While chicken pox is a result of exposure to VZV, […]


    Top 10 Essential Oils For Relaxation And Stress Relief

    By Sally Wong / November 15, 2016

    Using The Best Essential Oils For Relaxation and Stress ReliefIn the 21st century, we follow a busy schedule, cope with frustrations and deadlines that we often do not realise how strained we are. When events become too demanding or become a threat, your nervous system releases stress hormones, including adrenaline and cortisol.  These stress hormones […]


    Use These Essential oils for Rosacea Treatment (With Tips & Recipes)

    By Sally Wong / November 14, 2016

    What Are The Best Essential Oils For Rosacea Treatment?When blushing goes beyond the normal light redness, Rosacea is in play. Rosacea is a skin condition (occurring as severe redness) that may require you put on heavy layers of makeup before going out. It happens primarily on the facial skin, but in some cases, on the […]


    Top 10 Best Essential Oils For Sleep Apnea

    By Sally Wong / November 13, 2016

    These Essential Oils For Sleep Apnea Might Give You Some Extra ReliefSleep Apnea is a common disorder, resulting in short breath pauses, shallow breathing and alternation between deep and light sleep. Such pauses can be for a few seconds or minutes and occur bet 1-100 times per hour. The study has shown that up to […]


    8 Best Essential Oils For Sinus Congestion, Stuffy Noses & Cough

    By Sally Wong / November 12, 2016

    Prevent Stuffy Noses By Using These Essential Oils for CongestionNasal blockage is not a pleasant experience. In fact, I dread the condition more than common cold or flu. Nasal (Sinus) congestion, also known as ‘stuffy’ nose is a result of inflammation of the mucus membrane or sinus cavity, leading to a partial blockage of the […]

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