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    Sally Wong

    Sally Wong is a manual therapist for about 15 years now and also a massage specialist. She is actively taking care of her body to stay healthy and in shape by doing Yoga and Tai Chi. She has a lot of knowledge and interest in Essential Oils because of her Oriental background. She learnt many things from her Grandmother. Originally from a small village in South China, now she lives in Vancouver, Canada.


    How Essential Oils Can Help You Get Rid Of Flying Insects

    By Sally Wong / May 21, 2017

    Deter Flying Insects Using Essential Oils Finally. Spring is here. If you live in a tropical area that may not seem like such a big deal to you, but I live up in the great white north (otherwise known as Northern Canada). And we suffer through eight months of bitter cold winter every year. So […]


    Using Essential Oils to Eliminate Household Odors

    By Sally Wong / May 14, 2017

    Refresh Your House With Essential Oils A few months ago our family decided to add homemade bone broth into our daily diet. It was great. We enjoyed incredible tasting beef, chicken and turkey broth. And then we decided to get really creative. Let me ask you question. What do you get when you slow cook […]


    How To Make Your Own Chewing Gum Essential Oils Recipe?

    By Sally Wong / May 7, 2017

    Essential Oil Chewing Gum Recipe I love to chew gum! It has been a habit of mine for as long as I can remember. My mom and I used to sit together and chew our favorite, “Big Red,” gum together while watching The Price Is Right on our colorless, knob-dial TV. I cherish those memories. […]


    How To Make Safe, Non-toxic Sunscreen Using 2 Essential Oils

    By Sally Wong / May 2, 2017

    How To Make Sunscreen From Essential Oils Winter is long and harsh in the north. It’s not uncommon for those of us up here to experience cold weather for seven or eight months straight (and sometimes longer). So when it warms up, I encourage my little tribe to spend as much time as possible outside. […]


    10 Great Ways to Use Geranium Essential Oil

    By Sally Wong / April 12, 2017

    Geranium oil is a versatile and affordable essential oil, which means you can make a wide variety of all-natural concoctions from skin care to home care. Although you can use this oil as an additive to many of your existing products, I’ve come up with ten from-scratch recipes that really take advantage of the benefits […]


    Make Mother’s Day Special – 5 Essential Oil Gift Ideas

    By Sally Wong / April 1, 2017

    As my wife opened up a piece of folded construction paper, her eyes brightened. Crayon scribbles covered the entire page. To be fair it looked like a waxy mess. But to her… to her it was the most beautiful thing she had ever set her eyes on. A busy three year old had taken time […]


    Essential Oils and ADD: My Story

    By Sally Wong / March 2, 2017

    ADD And Essential Oils Many people around the world deal with the condition referred to as ADD or ADHD, and I’m one of them. While there are a wide array of medications available, some people do not find relief from them, or find that they need relief from the side effects. I started in the […]


    My Personal Journey with Acne and Essential Oils

    By Sally Wong / February 28, 2017

    I wish I had known about the power of essential oils and how they can help with acne breakouts years ago. They have been the hallmark to healing my sensitive, oily and highly volatile skin. I cringe when I think back to my journey with acne. I suffered from all types. Dozens and dozens of […]


    What Are The Health Benefits of Marjoram Essential Oil

    By Sally Wong / February 23, 2017

    What Is Marjoram Essential Oil? Marjoram, also known as Origanum Marjorana, is an essential oil derived from the leaves or the flower of the marjoram plant by using steam distillation. Steam distillation is a process that extracts the essential oils from the leaves of organic plants by passing steam through them which separates the oil […]

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