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How to Make Essential Oil Soap

By Sally / April 24, 2018

Do you know of the many harmful contents of commercial soap and their horrible effects on your body? Making your own essential oil soap is the ideal solution to this issue. Making your own natural soap gives you a lot of freedom to add various beneficial additives of your choice. Essential oils are ideal candidates […]


Kick Up Your Workout With These Essential Oils for Energy

By Sally / April 23, 2018

They’re just oils. What can they possibly do? If you’re not already a believer in essential oils and their health benefits, you’re going to be after you realize the vast amount of things that essential oils can actually work for. Aromatherapy is a popular way to relieve stress, promote a sense of calm, and restore […]


The 7 Best Essential Oils for Congestion and Colds

By Sally / April 10, 2018

Each year more than 29 million people are diagnosed with sinus issues. If you are one of these unlucky people, wouldn’t you like to find a more natural way to feel better? You can use essential oils for congestion. Essential oils garner the power of plants to maintain a healthy body. These oils were used […]


Make Your Own Chemical Free Deodorant Using Pure Essential Oils

By Sally / April 9, 2018

While nothing fully conclusive has been shown yet, several prominent government studies have shown a relationship between deodorants and cancer. The number of chemicals that are contained in deodorant could fill up that whole area underneath your sink. To avoid contact with these unknown chemical substances and their unknown effects, you can make your own […]


6 Oils for Relaxation

By Sally / April 4, 2018

Stress burnout is hard to treat. Doctors either prescribe a pharmaceutical relaxing agent or recommend less stress. Neither of which are good choices for holistic living. Pills mess with your clarity and trying to stress out less is easier said than done. That’s where essential oils for relaxation come in. Using essential oils to treat […]


The Top 5 Essential Oils for Tea

By Sally / March 21, 2018

Essential oils can do just about everything, from relieving stress to boosting your immune system. If you’re like most people, when you think of using essential oils, you probably think about diffusing them or applying them to your skin. But, did you know that many essential oils are also safe to consume orally? Read on […]


What Are the Best Essential Oils For Massage?

By Sally / January 19, 2018

Getting a massage is one of the best things you can do for yourself – for both mind and body. You’ll feel the relaxing and therapeutic effects for a long time afterward. But are you aware of the added benefits of essential oils for massage? Essential oils can be added as an accompaniment to any […]


What Are the Best Essential Oils for Poison Ivy?

By Sally / January 10, 2018

Have you encountered a case of poison ivy? Looking for a way to get rid of it? Did you know that a poison ivy rash is actually an allergic reaction? Over 80% of the population is allergic to the plant. Coming into contact with it leads to a very itchy and angry red rash. As […]


Calming Essential Oils to Ease Your Stress and Anxiety

By Sally / January 5, 2018

Life’s stressful and we could all use a little peace. Many don’t know calming essential oils can help them find peace in even the most stressful of times. It took more than 150 years for the medical world to embrace essential oils and aromatherapy. The French chemist, M.J. Dumas, was first to study constituents of […]


The 6 Best Essential Oils for Digestion Issues

By Sally / December 27, 2017

Proper digestion is essential for overall health and well-being. In today’s society, processed foods full of sugar and fat as well as sugary drinks are all around us but are terrible for digestion. In addition, a busy, stressful lifestyle can also impact your gut health. This matters because healthy digestion is responsible for 80% of […]

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