Hi There, my name is Sally Wong. I am a manual Therapist for about 15 years now. My mother was also a manual therapist and I always watched her closely when she was treating patients in China. I also have a big interest in Massage therapy and I did some courses as this overlaps sometimes with manual therapy.

Sally WongNext to my day to day job I like to practice Yoga and Tai Chi. Tai Chi helps me with inner piece and concentration where Yoga gives me the muscle and strength. I really like this combination and so far it is easy to combine the two.

I am originally from a very small town in China and my Grandmother still lives there. My mother moved to Canada when I was 12 years old. My mother lives in Toronto but I decided to move to Vancouver as I really like to live close to mountains and the sea.

I try to go back to China at least 2 times a yer as my Grandmother is very dear to me. She introduced me into the healing properties of Essential Oils and I learned a lot from here. But I also still have a lot to learn from her and every time I go back to China she shows me new things I did not know before.

I decided to share this knowledge and I hope it can help people to help them with their daily problems. Although I believe strongly in the healing properties of essential oils, I would never say it can replace modern medicine. If you are sick, see a doctor! But maybe my tips can lighten up the pain or troubles and help you relax.

Sally Wong