6 Oils for Relaxation

oils for relaxation

Stress burnout is hard to treat. Doctors either prescribe a pharmaceutical relaxing agent or recommend less stress. Neither of which are good choices for holistic living.

Pills mess with your clarity and trying to stress out less is easier said than done. That’s where essential oils for relaxation come in.

Using essential oils to treat stress is easy. You can buy an oil diffuser for room-wide aromatherapy or apply them topically.

For stress relief throughout the day, rub oil on the bottoms of your feet before you put on your shoes. You’ll get relaxation with every step.

You can use them at work, at home, or on the go for stress relief that won’t cut productivity or cloud your mind. Essential oils clear your stress the natural way and they smell great!

Try one of our six favorites below.

1. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is a popular choice for relaxation. Its floral, fresh scent soothes and creates comforting mental images.

Most people use lavender oil after a long day to wind down before bed. The scent’s effect on the amygdala signals the body’s rest and recharge systems.

It’s not just for bedtime. Rubbing a drop on each temple can stop a headache in its tracks.

Don’t want to rub oil on your face? Apply it on your wrists or the bottom of your feet to keep your complexion matte.

Some people love lavender’s scent so much, they like to sip and smell it. There are many lavender teas on the market with other calming herbs for a relaxing blend.

As far as oils for relaxation go, it’s the most trusted.

Blend Suggestion

Earthy clary sage oil pairs well with floral lavender. Mix 3 drops lavender with one drop sage for a balanced blend.

2. Cinnamon Leaf Oil

If you’re looking for oils for relaxation that won’t put you to sleep, try cinnamon leaf. Its spicy, warming scent will wake up your brain as you inhale away your stress.

The oil’s anti-inflammatory effects are great for sinus headaches and allergies. If it feels like there’s a brick on your face, reach for cinnamon.

Don’t expect a sweet scent, though. Cinnamon Leaf’s scent is a more intense and pungent scent then it’s spice cabinet cousin.

Since it’s so strong, we don’t recommend diffusing it in tight spaces like a small office. Stick to inhaling it off your wrists or palms.

Blend Suggestion

Orange oil balances out cinnamon’s spicy scent perfectly. The blend of stress relieving cinnamon and energizing orange will make you feel brand new.

3. Lime Oil

Lime essential oil works great for environmental stress like a tense office. It lifts the mood while bringing refreshing thoughts to the noses it touches.

Its light, citrus scent brings positivity and increased energy. Lime oil benefits the respiratory system as well, so keep it around for allergy season.

Blend Suggestion

Like cinnamon, lime is one of the stronger oils for relaxation. Mix it with a subtle-earth base like lavender so it doesn’t overwhelm.

4. Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamots are like sweet subtle lemons. They grow in the Mediterranean and you get oils for relaxation from their peels.

If lime or lemon oil is too strong for you, think of bergamot like it’s baby cousin. It has the same energizing and refreshing features, without the strong smell.

We love using the oil to treat mild anxiety since it is both energizing and calming.

If you’re diffusing oils for relaxation at your desk, bergamot is a great choice. Its mild smell won’t offend office mates and will silently put everyone in a better mood.

Blend Suggestion

Mix mild bergamot with equal drops lavender and clary sage for a zen yet energizing blend.

5. Ylang Ylang Oil

Ylang Ylang oil, pronounced ee-long ee-long, is as useful as it is fun to say. Its used as an antidepressant, an antiseptic, as well as in oils for relaxation.

Scientists did a study on the oil’s effectiveness for relaxation in 2006. Experiment subjects reported feeling calmer and happier than those in the control group (self-reported).

Medically, subjects treated with ylang-ylang oils for relaxation had lower blood pressure. Their breathing rate and skin temperature lowered as well.

It’s very floral smell is strong for some, so stick to topical applications in office spaces.

Blend Suggestion

For a relaxing blend that won’t put you to sleep mix ylang-ylang with equal parts lavender and a half part bergamot.

6. Frankincense Oil

Yes, there’s a reason that sounds familiar. It was one of the spices brought to Baby Jesus by the wise men.

Turns out, it was a fitting gift. The plant and its oil have a soothing aromatic quality.

The woody strong smell is almost like a spicy eucalyptus aroma. Like any other strong oil, test the reactions of people around you before using in a diffuser.

Blend Suggestions

The oils woody nature blends with sharp, fresh citrus. Grapefruit, orange or lime would all be good choices.

With its strength, only use one drop of frankincense to start. You can always add more!

Building Your Oil Collection Essential Oils for Relaxation

It’s easy to go overboard collecting essential oils. If you’re using them solely for relaxation, you can’t go wrong with the six on this list.

Each of them mixes well with the others and between them all, there are 36 two oil blends! Start with this collection and a quality diffuser.

Don’t have a diffuser? We have a list of our top favorites.

Which of these oils do you use for relaxation and which are you excited to try? Tell us in the comments.

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