34 Natural Healthy Living Blogs You Should Really Check Out

The internet is already full of books, resources, and tips on natural living that exploration can be a daunting task. For people seeking a proper alternative, I have a taken the time to compile a list of top Natural Health and Lifestyle blogs that preach and practice nature and its component. These people have stories to tell and expert advice to give that will come priceless.

You will also find healthy recipes, sustainable living tips and herbal health solutions that you may never find elsewhere. Many factors were considered for this list, like the frequency of posts, comments and reader's engagement, social media followers, reputation, amidst others. They are listed in no particular order.

1. Natural New Age Mum

Sonia is a dedicated health and lifestyle blogger who believes in sharing her experience with mums and families. She writes about healthy, whole-food cooking for families, living eco-friendly and toxin-free, natural beauty, health, remedies, cleaning and therapies, and reviews of natural products. Her posts are always practical and realistic.

2. Living Awareness

Kami McBride writes on how families can treat and prevent illness through herbs and nutrition. He believes that the beauty and essence of nature should be a crucial component of our lives. The resources you will find on his website will help you cultivate the culture of health and a close relationship with the earth.

3. High on Clear Skin

Fran Kerr is an Author and beauty coach. On her website, she shares tips on how people can have clearer skin through natural ways. Having been through the skin problem, her wealth of experience, gotten from research and continuous exploration puts her among the top health bloggers to follow. She also has a book titled, ‘How to heal acne naturally for adult women.'

4. Margaret's Natural Health

Margaret Durst has over 20 years' experience in natural health. With her neuropathy degree and time working with other natural health practitioners, she created her own nutritional consulting practice. She shares insights on how people can manage their health problems through diets and lifestyle. She firmly believes that the body possesses the innate ability to heal and that nature provides sufficient material for health and healing.

5. Nature's Nurture Blog

One message written all over Sarah's blog is how people can get rid of all the chemicals and have a non-toxic home. She writes comprehensively on the importance of natural healthy living, and provides information on necessary tools and resources you need to have to make confident and informed decisions for your family.

6. Home Remedies for Mums

Christina is an author and educator. The articles she posts on her website express her passion for health and healthy living. Moms seeking natural and healthy alternatives for their kids would find necessary resources to live by. In addition, her blog posts aim to give a renewed sense of hope to those living with diseases.

7. Jill's Home Remedies

After Jill battled health issues that were baffling to doctors, she resorted to natural health for solace. The solutions she found promoted her to start her personal home remedy blog where she shares her passion for herbs and how other people can have healthy lifestyles. One of her favorite posts is how to make lung formula yourself.

8. The Love Vitamins

Want to clear your skin naturally? Tracy's blog is one of the top blogs that will guide you on how to put an end to your skin diseases and achieve a very clear skin. She is an ardent advocate of natural products and thinks all the chemicals and drugs just don't feel right. Based on users' testimonies, her natural health methods really does work, and it made this list too.

9. Ayurvedic and Herbal Remedies

Dr. Vikran is a seasoned and world-renowned health practitioner from India. He writes extensively on nature's healing powers, particularly on the use of Ayurvedic and herbal remedies in treating various health issues.

10. Fashion Beauty Acne

Julie does one thing best – help ladies achieve a beautiful face. She never gets tired of posting about fashion and beauty tips and suggesting various natural products that work.

11. Mary Vance. NC

Mary Vance is a holistic nutrition consultant practicing in San Francisco. On her website are articles on holistic nutrition and wellness advice. Her belief is that many ailments can be well prevented if only we learnt to eat right and well too. The website focuses on nutrition, lifestyle/emotional wellness, and exercise/stress relief. This is definitely a site to visit for professional advice on healthy living.

12. Isha Foundation

Isha foundation is a movement dedicated to creating a vibrant generation. Over 2 million volunteers from over 150 centers worldwide operate the foundation. Their sole purpose is to bring out the best in an individual by revitalizing their spirit, rebuild the communities and restore the environment.

13. Planet Herbs

Dr. Michael Tierra is world respected and influential herbalist. He together with his wife runs a school where they train herbalists. He teaches that herbs are not only the first medicine, they are also essential for human survival, providing its basic necessities. He writes extensively on the use of herbs for the treatment of ailments and allergies.

14. Healthy Fellow

JP, called the Healthy fellow has been involved in the natural health community for many years. He hopes to pass natural health information to readers to help ‘improve the quality of modern healthcare and wellness'.

15. Natural Remedies

Caitlin Mackenna is an herbalist, Reiki Master and a physical therapist from Chicago. Consistently, she shares advice on home remedies and natural cures for common ailments and diseases.

16. Whole New Mom

Adrienne is the person behind ‘whole new mom'. She majorly writes about healthy, non-toxic living, simple and sustainable living, and right diets. Her experiences with handling health issues, posts on essential oils, natural remedies makes her website one of the best place to discover natural healthy living.

17. Annie's Remedy

The aim of this site is to provide information on medicinal properties and use of herbs. Annie blogs about the effectiveness herbal remedies. The site is divided into two sections: the medicinal herb chart that highlights the properties and actions of herbs. The second section is the herb remedies section that provides guide on recipes and methods of using and preparing the herbs.

18. Vintage Amanda

Amanda Cook is a certified Health Coach, Herbalist and a lover of beauty products. Her website is an outstanding blog to follow to rediscover natural health and beauty wisdom that actually works. She writes on how women can look and feel natural through whole foods, natural beauty and herbal remedies.

19. Natural Papa

Natural Papa targets natural parenting and fatherhood, and generally, the adoption of a health and simple natural living style. Derek also shares passionate insight on the proper usage of natural remedies.

20. The Herb Guide

With over 25 years of growing herbs, Liz sure has many stories to tell about the uses of herbs and nature for individual wellness. The website provides herb related recipes, ideas for homegrown herbs, hints and things you need to know about natural remedies.

21. Every Home Remedy

Every home remedy is the place to visit for natural solutions to virtually all common health issues. You will find posts like ‘how to maintain a healthy head of hair', ‘natural home remedies for soothing sunburns' and many others.

22. My essential healing

Erin Resko is a licensed Acupuncturist in Idaho. He is also an enthusiastic recreational athlete who shares tips on how to enhance physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual lives. He practices various natural therapies like Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, bodywork, etc. which you will find on this website.

23. You Grow Girl

Gayla Trail launched this site in 2000 to be the ideal place for gardeners, plant lovers, etc. She blogs about the essence of plants and its relationship to the environment. The site contains accounts of personal experiences with nature, plants and gardens. You will find her website a worthy resource if you are thinking of having a garden too.

24. More than Mundane

Krissa is a part-time blogger who shares her thoughts, ideas and struggles. She talks about healthy and natural recipes, products and home remedies. She is also an ardent advocate of healthier natural living.

25. Natural Home Remedies

This website is a very resourceful place to discover valuable natural living tips. Their posts will enlighten you on how to solve common health issues like diabetes, acne, hair loss, pneumonia, etc. through natural methods.

26. Vinegar Home Remedies

Not many websites talk about the extensive use of vinegar than this site. His articles point at how vinegar can be utilized for various health conditions like arthritis, diabetes, infertility, and other home remedies.

27. Natural Medicine Box

At Natural Medicine Box, you will find articles regarding how to have natural health for body and mind. They have special features on herbs, natural oils, healthy recipes and beauty tips.

28. Natural News

Natural News is a science-based natural health advocacy organization. They fervently criticize vaccines, animal testing, chemical contamination of foods, etc. They also seek to enlighten consumers on the need to adopt a healthier natural lifestyle. Articles covered include holistic health, nutritional therapies, environmental health, etc.

29. Ever Blossom

Kylie Worthington writes on life, health, beauty, herbs, and oils. She shares expert advice on how readers can use the elements of a nature to achieve a healthier self. One free resource you will find on her website is a guide for beginners on using essential oils for skin care.

30. Naturally Savvy

Three-man team holistic nutritionists who understand the importance of right diet run Naturally Savvy. They cover topics related to natural living, healthy recipes, organic stuff, and news on healthy living.

31. Natural Living Ideas

With the tagline, "ideas to live a more natural life," you will find this website very resourceful for natural remedies for various health problems. They cover topics related to gardening, essential oils, healthy diets and natural recipes.

32. Happy Simple Living

Eliza Cross is an organic gardener with a passion for natural, happy and simple life. Her desire for simplicity is the basis of launching her blog. She writes on natural, healthy lifestyles through the application of plants – herbs.

33. Mama Rosemary

Angela talks about herbs mostly. Her articles cover the use of different plants for medicinal purposes and recipes. She also reviews herbal products.

34. Home Maker Chic

Noelly Cake is all about proper homemaking through the adoption of natural and healthy alternatives. Her website contains suggestions on how to keep your home environment healthy, plants to grow in your garden and many other valuable tips.


Whatever you are looking for – be it about healthier living, herbs, or natural alternatives – the featured websites all contain different kinds of resources and training that will help you. Your journey to an extraordinary lifestyle starts with information, followed by your willingness to practice. I hope you enjoy a better lifestyle in the arms of nature. Got suggestions or opinions? Feel free to share with us.

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