How to Use Essential Oils for PTSD Treatment

essential oils for ptsd

Do you or someone you know suffer from post traumatic stress disorder?

It may be more common than you think.

It is reported that 8% of Americans will develop post traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, as it is commonly referred to, at some point in their lifetime. At any given time, approximately 5% of the population, are suffering from the disorder. That’s more than 13 million people.

In recent years, military troops returning from war zones have brought light to the potentially crippling repercussions caused by PTSD. But, they aren’t the only ones suffering. Many civilians are also diagnosed with PTSD, due to childhood trauma, assault, accidents, abuse or other potential causes.

The aftermath of traumatic events endured by these individuals can have devastating consequences. It can cause symptoms of anxiety, social isolation, depression, fear, night terrors, paranoia and more. In extreme cases, the individual can even exhibit violence due to their experiences, although professionals claim that this is more uncommon than other symptoms associated with the disorder.

PTSD also touches the lives of family and friends of those directly affected, who struggle to come to terms with their loved one’s diagnosis, and often feel helpless and overwhelmed by its dark shadow.

In the past, PTSD’s treatments have included therapy, reintegration practices, and medication. Although these methods are still commonly used with patients, a natural alternative is now being considered as a treatment option as well.

In recent years, the use of essential oils for PTSD has become an integral part of the discussion surrounding treatment. Essential oils can have many benefits for those who suffer from this and other common disorders and illnesses. They are naturally derived and safe for use by all ages.

If you are one of the millions of Americans affected by PTSD, either directly or indirectly, essential oils may be able to help. Read on to find out more!

Essential Oils for PTSD Offers You a Natural Treatment Option:

Essential oils are natural extracts from the flowers, bark, leaves or roots of plants.

Although the exact nature of how these oils affect us is still being investigated, they have been shown to effectively relieve stress, anxiety, pain, inflammation and other symptoms associated with PTSD. Their effect on the brain and our olfactory system has been shown to have numerous benefits.

When we are exposed to scent, scent receptors in the nose send chemical messages to the limbic system by way of the olfactory nerve. The brain’s limbic system is significant in how we cope with emotions, such as fear and anger. It also is important for processing memories.

There are hundreds of essential oils that are used for all kinds of things. In 2013, a study was conducted showing their impact on brain chemical production can affect both physical and mental health according to Medical Daily, a source supporting much of the information listed here.

Here are 6 of the most widely used essential oils for PTSD:

1. Lavender:

Lavender has been shown to kill pathogens in the air, sinuses and respiratory airways. It is helpful in combating nerves, depression, and insomnia. This oil produces a calming effect that has been proven to alleviate anxiety and stress, in addition to aiding sleep.

A 2009 study involving the effects of lavender on heart rate variation and anxiety of participants revealed that it produced an anxiolytic (anti-anxiety and anti-panic) response pattern.

2. Rose:

Research conducted in 2014 revealed that rose could diminish anxiety when used as an inhalant.

Rose oil is the second most popular essential oil used to treat anxiety and depression. It has been credited for treating grief, panic attacks, shock and more.

3. Chamomile:

Chamomile is used to treat anxiety, worry, irritability, depression and increase one’s feelings of peace and contentment. A 2012 study supports its antidepressive and anti-anxiety qualities. In addition to the oil being used as an inhalant, it has also been a highly recommended ingredient in lotions, tea, candles, room fresheners and other popular retail products.

4. Orange:

Scientists from George Washington University presented evidence at the 2017 annual American Psychological Association meeting which argued that orange oil can have a reverse effect on symptoms of PTSD, including fear and stress, based on their study of lab rats and mice.

Stress causes an increase in our body’s reactions shown to cause inflammation, in addition to nervousness and depression, associated with PTSD. The study illustrated a reduced production of cells within the immune system that are related to these stress-induced responses.

This and other notable essential oils for PTSD are significantly less expensive than most current treatments used by patients.

Further research is expected to be done in this area to expand current knowledge and future use of orange oil as a form of treatment.

5. Ylang Ylang:

Ylang Ylang is a combination of components, and it is known for its ability to boost mood and energy. The most common uses include anti-anxiety and anti-depression.

One study from 2006 found that when used regularly over a period of for weeks in combination with bergamot and lavender, two of the additional known essential oils for PTSD treatment, it was effective at lowering cortisol levels, blood pressure, and psychological stress.

6. Frankincense:

Frankincense is well known for its calming effect and has been a favorite aroma for thousands of years. Many are aware of this popular scent due to its reference as a gift to the baby Jesus, given by one of the three wise men, as described in the Bible.

While it has been used as a special aroma and remains a popular scent due to its pleasurable scent, it also has been shown to have an anti-anxiety effect. The calming properties can be effective when in just one massage using a small amount.


Not only can you benefit from using essential oils for PTSD, there are additional positive ways that essential oils can be used.

They can help treat many ailments and disorders. They can also be used to enhance skin texture, calm a fussy baby and even repel insects! And, there are so many more ways to use them in addition to the ones stated here.

Most natural oils have a pleasant aroma on top of their many useful benefits. And since they aren’t chemical based, they are much safer than pharmaceuticals and other synthetically and chemically produced products.

Click here for information on how essential oils can be used to enhance your life and treat you and your loved ones naturally!

Treating SIBO With Essential Oils

Since my mid 20s I knew my health was on the decline. I was an avid drinker of coffee, consuming six, seven, sometimes 10+ cups a day. I ate fast food religiously; a drive-thru was the equivalent of a kitchen to me. And I would sometimes go seven days or longer without a bowel movement. In fact it was my mood was in the toilet most of the time (ha).

My skin was a disaster and I had severe acne. Heeding the advice of my dermatologist, I took round after round of antibiotics to keep the acne under control.

In my 30s I decided I needed to change my dietary choices, mostly out of fear of my declining health. I bounced from diet to diet (vegetarian, vegan, mediterranean, paleo) in search of some elusive, ‘pristine-like’ health. I did experience some positive changes with all of them. My skin improved some. I began to have better bowel movements (although far from normal). I still felt weak most of the time, had bad joint pain, and recently developed many food intolerances. I felt like a hollow shell of my youthful self. But I wasn’t ready to chalk this up to normalcy quite yet.

I researched for months and months, reading forums, books, blogs and anything else I could digest. I eventually discovered that I suffered from asymptomatic SIBO.

What The Heck Is SIBO?

SIBO stands for Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth and it is a complicated disorder to treat. For some people it can be the cause of stomach/intestinal distress. For others like myself, it presents no gut related symptoms other than leaky gut (food intolerances) and the results of those intolerances (pain, lethargy, irritability). Trying to cure leaky gut is virtually impossible if someone suffers from SIBO. And when someone’s large intestines become damaged (where bacteria are supposed to live and thrive), bacteria will migrate up to the small intestines where they do not belong, creating all kinds of problems and havoc.

So What Do You Do?

Convinced this was the source of my continuing discomfort I read through tons of material looking for a way to clear this SIBO up. Most mainstream advice was for me to take a round or two of the antibiotic, refaximin. I was not keen on this idea as I believed antibiotics were what got me caught up in this mess to begin with. So that idea was far from appealing.

I could have taken various herbs and natural substances which didn’t seem like a bad idea; however, they can be extremely pricey and people often have mixed results.

Upon further research it became evident that some people were having incredible luck with taking a blend of essential oils internally.

The three key oils for defeating SIBO are Oregano, Frankincense and Clove.

Why Oregano?

Oregano oil is known as the ultimate, natural antibiotic. It is highly potent and contains the phenol carvacrol, known to effectively kill parasites, yeast and bacteria. It should be taken with caution and always diluted.

Why Clove?

It is used as an anti-inflammatory (for joint pain and internal discomfort within the gut). And like Oregano it is known to be anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial.

Why Frankincense?

This is the father of all oils. Its uses are many and it even has the unique ability to amplify the effectiveness of other oils it is paired with. Frankincense always boosts immunity, fights infections and like clove, is also an anti-inflammatory.

See below for the recipe I used to eliminate my SIBO.

What You Need

  • 1 drop oregano oil
  • 1 drop clove oil
  • 1 drop frankincense oil
  • 3 drops extra virgin olive oil (for dilution)
  • Gelatin capsules

What You Do

Fill the capsule with the above oils and seal. Take this with food three times a day. I recommend you do this for 2 weeks. You may experience what is known as die of symptoms (I sure did). It’s not uncommon to feel light headed, dizzy, achy and sometimes have mild nausea. This is a sign that the oils are killing off massive amounts of bacterial overgrowth. If the symptoms become too much to handle, you can always cut back on your dosage (one or two times a day instead of three). Everybody is different so do what works for you.

During this process you should slowly re-introduce healthy bacteria back into your daily regime through probiotics or fermented foods. How to do this is beyond the scope of this article so I recommend you do some digging for additional information.

NOTE: You should not cheap out on the oils you are using. You need high potency essential oils for this to work. My personal brand of choice is DoTerra. I have experienced dramatic results using their oils.

In Closing

If you suffer from or suspect that you may have any type of bacterial overgrowth, I recommend you skip over the antibiotics and give essential oils a chance. They can take care of the problem equally as well and sometimes better than antibiotics and they contain various constituents to help ensure their safety.

Essential Oils To Restore Thinning Hair

When you’re a young lad and lass, you often feel invincible. You look great. You feel great. Your hormones are probably functioning properly and for the most part your energy levels are stable. You rarely think about these complications because your body is, for the most part, running optimally.

At least that’s how I felt. And then I stumbled into my 30s. Some things started to increase like my weight. And others things started to disappear. Like my hair.

I was proud of my hair in my teenage years and 20s. I used to load it up with gel on a daily basis and never worried much about it. And to be totally honest my life was so busy that I didn’t even notice it getting thinner until one day I looked in the mirror and was struck with a feeling of horror. I always knew as men got older their hair could thin but I never thought it could happen to me (isn’t that how it always goes?).

I tried a lot of different things hoping to stimulate growth. I took Rogaine (haha). I increased fat in my diet because some health experts said a lack of fat can be a contributing factor to hair loss. I tried a few detoxes and cleanses. I even went so far as not washing my hair for two weeks to see if it was shampoo related. Nothing seemed to work for me.

I was always an optimistic, highly enthusiastic and fun to be around guy. But this was a severe shock to my psyche. It’s amazing how something as ‘simple’ as hair can destroy your self-esteem and self-worth isn’t it? We are so heavily critical of ourselves.

One day in a small group at my church, a close friend asked me if I was doing alright. He noticed over the past couple of months that I just didn’t seem to be myself. I confided in him which was very difficult to do. For some reason men don’t usually like to talk about their problems.

But I’m glad I did.

He said that his wife was big into essential oils and that he had been using a particular combination of oils for his hair for the past several years. He asked if I was interested in trying some myself. Well this man had a full head of hair with not a spot of grey on his head. So of course I said yes. I was desperate and at this point I would try almost anything.

I have to admit I was quite skeptical and at my wits end. I wanted to be believe but had been let down so many times before.

The following week he brought me this little bottle of what he referred to as an “oil blend.” He told me how to apply it and I did so for a couple of months.

I could not believe it. It took a few weeks to notice a difference, but my thinning actually slowed down. And I started to see some new growth.

The next time I saw him, I asked if he could get me the recipe from his wife which he gracefully did. It’s now been 2 years of applying this blend to my hair every day. And while my hair is not as boastful as it was in my 20s, it has improved a ton. So I wanted to share the blend with you here.

What You Need

  • Small 5ml oil bottle
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil – 40 drops
  • 24 drops rosemary essential oil
  • 18 drops cedarwood essential oil
  • 14 drops geranium essential oil
  • 12 drops peppermint essential oil
  • 8 drops lavender essential oil

What You Do

Combine fractionated coconut oil and essential oils into your 5ml bottle. Put 4 to 7 drops in the palm of your hand. Then dip your fingertips into your palm and gently massage the oil blend throughout your scalp. Be sure to pay extra attention to thinning or balding spots on your head.

I cannot tell you how much of a difference it has made in my life. I feel like a new man with a renewed sense of self. It’s a far cheaper alternative than some other options such as gimmicky products that rarely work (if ever). Or hair implants which can leave hideous cars should you ever decide to remove them in the future.

If you are suffering from thinning hair and feel like there is nothing in the world you can do to stop it, please consider essential oils. And even if you are not currently suffering from thinning hair, it might be a good idea to use it as a safety measure. Especially if the men in your family have a history of thinning hair.

Essential Oils Recipes To Help Pregnant Women

Being pregnant and having a baby comes with a whole host of challenges: nausea and vomiting, hormonal imbalances, teenage-like acne, food cravings, lack of energy, lack of sleep, depression and a whole lot more which I won’t get into here.

One challenge in particular is our belly skin. As our baby bump turns into a baby mountain, the elasticity of the skin gets pushed to its limits. When this happens, us women run the chance of over-stretching the skin and getting what’s called stretch marks.

It’s a common fear for many women and was for myself during my first two pregnancies. I’m now on my 3rd pregnancy and approaching the 20 week mark and just started using my special essential oil blend that prevented any stretch marks during my first two pregnancies.

I’m going to share the recipe with you below. But before I do a few key things to consider:

1) Stay well hydrated. This is crucial. Our skin depends on water to keep its supple, smooth consistency and elasticity. Try to aim for a least 8-10oz of water a day. The more the better. I know, I know… it can get challenging to drink water the further along you get in your pregnancy but believe me, it’s worth it.

2) Consistency is key with essential oils. This oil blend is an amazing mixture of powerful oils that work together synergistically but you have to be disciplined and apply it every day. If you do you’ll be amazed at how youthful your skin looks post-birth.

3) Share this blend with your pregnant friends. They’ll love you for the information. And if you’re feeling creative or generous you can make them a bottle of this blend as a gift.

The Stretch Mark Elimination Blend

What You Need

  • Fractionated coconut oil (or carrier oil of your choice)
  • 10ml roller bottle (for application)
  • 10 drops cypress essential oil
  • 10 drops lavender essential oil
  • 10 drops wild orange essential oil
  • 2 drops lemon essential oil
  • 2 drops grapefruit essential oil
  • 2 drops mandarin essential oil
  • 2 drops bergamot essential oil
  • 2 drops tangerine essential oil

What You Do

Add the essential oils to your roller bottle and fill the bottle the rest of the way with your carrier oil. Lightly shake to mix. Liberally apply the oil all over your belly and rub in. Do this twice a day. I usually do it after my shower and right before bed.

Another challenge us pregnant women experience is swelling in our legs and feet. It’s all too common, especially carrying extra weight we are not used to having to lug around. Fortunately there are a couple of oils that will help settle down the swelling and offer some relief.

Swollen Legs and Feet Blend

What You Need

  • Fractionated Coconut oil (2 teaspoons)
  • 2 drops ginger oil
  • 2 drops cypress oil
  • 2 drops lavender oil

What You Do

Combine the essential oils with the carrier oil. Get your husband or significant other to massage the blend into your legs and feet. You should feel soothed and see the swelling decrease shortly after.

Now for those of you who are new moms and struggling with your milk supply (this was me in my first pregnancy!), I have something special for you. It’s a salve that I used to help increase my milk supply and encourage let down for my little guy. If you’ve having issues with breastfeeding, and short supply, give this a shot before throwing in the towel. It worked beautifully for me!

Increased Milk Supply Recipe

What You Need

  • 2 tsp beeswax
  • 7 drops of basil essential oil
  • 6 drops of clary sage essential oil
  • 4 drops of geranium essential oil

What You Do

Take your beeswax and melt it over low heat. Let it cool slightly. Add all of your essential oils to the beeswax while it is still soft to make a salve. Gently rub the salve onto your breasts 30 minutes before attempting to breastfeed. If this doesn’t work you can increase the amount of times you apply the salve. It may take a few days to notice a difference; it did for me.

Lastly From One Mom And Mom-To-Be To Another…

I know how difficult it can be while pregnant or a new mom postpartum… it’s downright daunting at times. And we experience a constant bombardment of challenges from day 1. I hope these essential oil recipes will offer some alleviation of the common battles we face. Keep your head up and your essential oils around and I know without a doubt that you can make it. And if it gets to a point that you feel like you can’t cope, throw the following oils into a diffuser, close your eyes and inhale:

  • 2 drops lavender essential oil
  • 2 drops jasmine essential oil
  • 2 drops bergamot essential oil
  • 2 drops grapefruit essential oil
  • 2 drops lemon essential oil

You’re awesome. Stay strong and oil on!

Using Essential Oils to Moisturize Your Beard

I couldn’t take it anymore. To my ears the sound was like fingernails scratching down chalkboard. I looked up to see my colleague scratching his beard again. Normally it wouldn’t be such a problem but in a super quiet environment where you can hear any and all noises, it’s enough to turn a sane man into a nervous wreck – and it was happening to me!

But how do you breach such a topic? Do you pipe up and scream across the room, “STOP SCRATCHING YOUR BEARD?” Probably not the best course of action. I was pretty much at a loss. I might just have to succumb to this awful sound for the rest of my working life.

I grew out a beard on just a handful of occasions in my life and I know after a period of time the skin underneath can get dry and sometimes irritated. I figured that was happening to him. To remedy the situation for myself, I remember using hair conditioner on my beard to soften it and soothe the skin underneath.

I didn’t really want to suggest that to him because it would be the equivalent of saying, “Hey dude. You’re scratching your beard. It’s annoying me. I think you should go condition it so you’ll stop scratching it.” Maybe he wouldn’t think that at all but I have a tendency of overthinking and over analyzing situations. Regardless, he was a work colleague of mine and the last thing I wanted to do was a throw a small wrench in our relationship.

There had to be a more a chill, inconspicuous way to go about this itchy predicament.

I brought up this festering annoyance in conversation with my wife.

“Isn’t it his birthday soon?” she asked.

“Yea, so?” I replied.

“Well why don’t you use some of my essential oils to make him a beard oil?”

What?!! That was it!

Make the man some beard oil.

It solved the issue of his birthday coming up in a week and in a sneaky way it would encourage him to use a conditioner on his beard.

Check out what I made for him below. I didn’t want him to run out for some time so I made him two bottles of the stuff.

Recipe 1

What You Need

  • 1oz. bottle – preferably with a top dropper
  • Fractionated coconut oil – very moisturizing to the skin.
  • Jojoba oil – very similar to our own skins sebum (oil). Highly absorbable and conditioning to dry skin.
  • Small metal funnel – not required but helps get the oil into the bottle
  • Peppermint oil – a nice fragrance and is refreshing to the skin
  • Eucalyptus oil – soothing and helps reduce any irritation on the skin
  • Lemongrass – invigorating to the skin
  • Melaleuca oil – also known as tea tree oil, this oil is highly anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-bacterial

What You Do

Take your 1oz. bottle and place the small metal funnel on top. Start by filling half of it with fractionated coconut oil. Fill the other half with jojoba oil (be sure to leave enough room for your essential oils). Next add two drops of each, peppermint, eucalyptus, lemongrass and melaleuca oil. I used highly potent oils so depending on the brand you choose, you may need to adjust these drops based on preference.

Shake up the mixture and you’re good to go – either for a gift or to use yourself.

Most 1oz. bottles come with a dropper which can be used for easy application and remember a little goes a long way.

Other Carrier Oils You Can Use

Coconut oil and jojoba oil are not the only carrier oils you can use. Feel free to experiment with different ones to find the scents you prefer. Some other choices are:

  • Hazelnut oil – known to help reduce acne and eczema and has an incredible scent.
  • Hemp seed oil – awesome stuff. Very moisturizing and helps prevent beards from getting dry and coarse.
  • Sweet almond oil – anti-inflammatory and helps prevent breakouts.

Other Essential Oils You Can Use

You can pretty much use any essential oils you want but some of the more common ones used are listed below:

  • Cinnamon Oil – incredible fragrance, increases circulation and uplifts mood.
  • Orange Oil – reduces wrinkles, improves complexion and is calming.
  • Amla Oil – known to be beneficial for hair.

A Happy Ending

My wife is a genius. She really is. My colleague loved his beard oil. And within two days he stopped scratching. I was thrilled. But best of all? So was he. He hasn’t stopped talking about how much he loves his beard oil and has recently started experimenting with making his own. I’d say that’s a pretty happy ending.

If you know anyone with a beard and want a great idea for a gift, take a shot at using essential oils to make them some beard oil. They’ll probably love it too.

How Essential Oils Can Help You Get Rid Of Flying Insects

Essential Oils Insect Repellent

Deter Flying Insects Using Essential Oils

Finally. Spring is here. If you live in a tropical area that may not seem like such a big deal to you, but I live up in the great white north (otherwise known as Northern Canada). And we suffer through eight months of bitter cold winter every year. So when birds begin to chirp and the snow starts to melt, I get excited!

But while I love the spring and summer months, they bring with them their own set challenges. One of which is insects – especially those with wings like flies, hornets, bumble bees and moths.

Flies Flies Flies

Last year was an absolute nightmare for me. We live about 2 kilometers (or about 1.25 miles) away from the city dump. I know, not pleasant to think about. Honestly though it isn’t typically a big deal to us except when it gets warm outside. And then house flies become a massive problem. At one point I counted over 30 flies in our house! We were overrun. My husband would go on a warpath with a fly swatter, like a sniper, picking them off one by one. He was a good and loyal soldier but those suckers multiplied faster than rabbits and quickly swayed the tide of battle in their favor.

At one point I was so frustrated, I even took a handheld vacuum and chased after them like a crazy lady. I caught quite a few though. And because I believe in second chances (unlike my husband), I released them outside. I guess flies don’t appreciate second chances because it wasn’t long before my tiresome effort was nulled and voided. They were back. Again.

My “aha” moment hit one evening when my family and I were sitting down to eat our dinner, accompanied by many uninvited guests.

My five year old son had taken his first bite, hovering his hand over his plate in an attempt to protect his food from an onslaught of perpetrators.

“Mom,” he said frustratingly.

“Yes dear,” I replied.

Innocently he asked, “Are there any oils you can use to make these flies leave us alone?”


Honestly, I don’t know why I didn’t think of the idea myself because I use essential oils for almost everything in our home. All three of my children have witnessed me using oils since their first days. I suppose it was only normal for him to wonder why his mama wasn’t whipping up some magical oil formula to fix this overwhelming problem of ours.

My plan of action was simple and easy to execute.

How To Make An Insect Repeller

I planned on making a mixture with the best oils for repelling insects. Here is the recipe I came up with.

What You Need

  • Stainless Steel Spray Bottle
  • 1 ½ Cups Distilled Water
  • ½ Cup White Vinegar
  • 2 Drops of Peppermint Essential Oil
  • 3 Drops of Lavender Essential Oil
  • 2 Drops of Citronella Essential Oil
  • 3 Drops of Lemongrass Essential Oil
  • 2 Drops of Rosemary Essential Oil

What You Do

Spray liberally around the seal of your windows and into the cracks along your door frames. All essential oils are naturally anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral, so you can even use it to quickly clean any smudges or fingerprints on windows and sliding glass doors while pest-proofing those areas.

I do this every other day. If you do the same, you’ll notice a significant reduction in house flies and other flying (and non-flying) pests.

Granted it doesn’t prevent ALL bugs from getting inside so it’s a good idea to have a diffuser going during the day too. Especially in areas you frequent or where you eat. Doing so will effectively repel them and let you enjoy some peace.

Simply use a single drop of all the oils listed above in your diffuser and it should keep any opportunistic, flying insects at bay.

SPECIAL BONUS: How To Make a Mosquito Repellant

My family and I love to go for long walks outside during the sunny months. It’s a tradition that gives us time to talk and bond. But mosquitos have a tendency of attacking us on these walks. I hate putting synthetic products on myself and children, so I decided to try this oil blend out as a mosquito repellent. It works great! The same oils are used as above, you just need to tweak the recipe slightly.

What You Need

  • 3 Tablespoons Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • 1 Drops of Peppermint Essential Oil
  • 2 Drops of Lavender Essential Oil
  • 1 Drops of Citronella Essential Oil
  • 2 Drops of Lemongrass Essential Oil
  • 1 Drops of Rosemary Essential Oil

What You Do

Keep the blend in a small glass bottle with a dropper. Then take several drops and rub it all over your exposed skin. Just be careful when applying near the eyes.

In Closing

Bugs and flies suck.

I look back on this story and laugh today, but my husband and I wasted so much valuable time trying to win a losing battle against those flies. And that was time we could have saved if I had only been proactive with a few essential oils.

With warmer months approaching, give yourself 10 minutes to mix these oils up and pest proof your home. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Using Essential Oils to Eliminate Household Odors

essential oils home freshener

Refresh Your House With Essential Oils

A few months ago our family decided to add homemade bone broth into our daily diet. It was great. We enjoyed incredible tasting beef, chicken and turkey broth. And then we decided to get really creative.

Let me ask you question. What do you get when you slow cook six large sardines (about five inches long) with 12 cups of water in a crockpot for eight hours? The most awful stench you could ever smell. That’s what.

And since we simmered the fish overnight, the smell had hours to permeate through the vents and every last nook and cranny of our entire house. All while we were peacefully asleep in our bedroom. To wake up to that… oh my… that foul odor will forever be branded into my memory.

There was no escape, no matter where I went. I tried to escape to the bathroom, the basement, I even went into the garage but it followed me like a bad habit, mocking my every attempt to break free.

I couldn’t even think about food. Just the thought of eating was enough to make me dry heave. I think you get the point. It was bad and we needed a solution. And we needed it fast! I started by washing the stainless steel crockpot and lid. Three times. But the smell was still there. So I let it air dry for a couple of hours to see if that would help. No luck.

Air Freshener Don’t Do The Trick

Next I tried to use some air freshener to cover up the smell around the house. Big mistake. It briefly masked the fishy stench but shortly afterwards, it all came back with a vengeance. I was reminded of a friend I had back in high school. He thought spraying deodorant on after a sweaty workout was an adequate replacement for a shower. But he was wrong. He needed a solution to the problem, not a method of covering it up. And that solution was the shower. I should have known better myself. Synthetic air freshener was not the solution. I needed something to eliminate the odor, to ERADICATE it once and for all.

So I gagged my way to my dining room cabinet and eagerly grabbed my case of essential oils. That case had to hold the solution to ending this mess once and for all.

How To Make an Air Refresher Made of Essential Oils?

I remembered that lemon essential oil was known for its strong, cleansing scent and how it was quite versatile as a cleaning agent too. So I ran a sink full of water with a larger-than-normal amount of a dish soap and four drops of lemon essential oil. I chunked the lid and crockpot into the sink and let it soak for three hours straight.

The real task came next. I needed a powerful blend of oils to make my house liveable again. I searched for several essential oil recipes that could handle the task and finally found one that was up to the job.

What You Need

  • 3 Drops of Lemon Essential Oil
  • 3 Drops of Lime Essential Oil
  • 2 Drops of Siberian Fir Needle Essential Oil
  • 2 Drops of Australian Fir Needle Essential Oil
  • 4 Drops of Pine Needle Essential Oil
  • 2 drops of Citronella Grass Essential Oil
  • 3 drops of Melaleuca Leaf Essential Oil
  • 2 drops of Cilantro Herb Essential Oil
  • Diffuser (or in my case, three of them)

What You Do

Nothing complicated about this. Just fill a diffuser with water and add the drops of essential oils. Let it run continuously until you can no longer smell the odor you’re trying to eliminate.

Since it was literally ALL OVER my house, I had three diffusers running. I placed them near the vents in my home and turned my furnace’s fan on to help circulate the blend. After about three to four hours my nose finally achieved some relief. Two hours and a bit afterwards and the stench was completely gone. Not masked. But Gone. Yay essential oils!

I’m also happy to report my crockpot and lid were not permanently infused with the smell. The lemon oil did its job perfectly as I had hoped. I’m glad too because that appliance cost me well over $120. But let me tell you, if I had been unsuccessful in getting that smell out, in the trash it would have gone!

In Closing

I would not wish my “fishy” experience on anyone. But if you happen to find yourself in a stinky place and are wondering what might be the best way to take care of it, then look no further than essential oils. The blend I shared with you is splendid. And I have found many other uses for it since – from smelly diaper pails, to old garbage cans and even lingering bathroom blowouts. Take it from me. Nothing works better!

How To Make Your Own Chewing Gum Essential Oils Recipe?

essential oil chewing gum

Essential Oil Chewing Gum Recipe

I love to chew gum! It has been a habit of mine for as long as I can remember. My mom and I used to sit together and chew our favorite, “Big Red,” gum together while watching The Price Is Right on our colorless, knob-dial TV. I cherish those memories. They are probably why I enjoy gum so much.

But two weeks ago I developed a throbbing pain in the right side of my mouth. So I booked an appointment with my dentist to find out what was going on. It was not a pleasant visit. He told me I had developed five cavities in my mouth and that I was also suffering from sensitive teeth.


I used to pride myself on never having a cavity. And now I was being told I had five. Rough news. But the worst part was yet to come. After asking me a few questions about my diet (which is mostly healthy), he discovered my love for gum. And you know what he said? He told me I needed to give it up entirely or switch to a sugarless brand.


For starters, I don’t agree with unnatural, artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and sucralose that’s commonly found in sugarless gum. And even though there are better choices (xylitol for instance), a single pack of that type of gum can run three to five bucks. That’s craziness!

So before I tell you what I did.

Did You Know (my justification for loving gum so much)

  • Chewing gum has all kinds of benefits. Studies have shown that gum chewers have increased concentration and improved cognitive function. Some people even swear that if you chew gum while studying and while you take a test, you’ll get a better grade – if true, this is likely due to the improved blood flow and oxygen that flows to the brain during chewing.
  • It helps to keep you awake.
  • Chewing gum also helps to combat stress and anxiety (I’m guilty of experiencing both)!
  • And it also improves digestion by stimulating saliva in the mouth. Saliva is the beginning of our digestion, it breaks down carbohydrates in the mouth and prepares food for further digestion in our stomach. So the more, the better.

As you can see, there was good reason for me not to ditch my habit.

A Few Ingredients Later

So after hearing that not-so-lovely news from my dentist, I was facing two problems:

  1. I needed a cost effective, non-damaging gum to keep my chewing gum habit in tact.
  2. I had to find a way to soothe my sensitive teeth and gums.

How To Make Your Own Chewing Gum Using Essential Oils

I decided to do something that would remedy both problems. I made my own chewing gum using essential oils.

And I did it with only three ingredients.

I got to say, the results were spectacular. And I can’t wait to share the recipe with you!

Essential Oil Gum Recipe

What You Need

  • Six ounces of natural beeswax
  • 1 drop of clove essential oil
  • 2 drops of cinnamon essential oil

What You Do

  • Use or make a double broiler.
  • Melt your beeswax.
  • Add the essential oil drops.
  • Pour the mixture into a silicon mold or ice tray and freeze for 2-3 hours or until hardened.
  • Chew!

Important Note: Please do not use cheap essential oils for this recipe. You will be ingesting these oils as you chew the gum so I highly recommend you avoid brands that may have synthetic additives (which are not always listed on the bottle). My personal recommendation is DoTerra or Young Living essential oils as both have been tested for purity and used internally by many people without adverse side effects.

Alternatively, you can add a healthy sweetener such as xylitol or stevia if you like. I personally found that the cinnamon oil added enough flavor but ultimately it’s up to you and your preference.

Why use Clove Oil?

For many years, clove oil has been used in dentistry as a numbing agent. It’s powerful and safe as long as it is diluted (which the beeswax does in this recipe). Clove oil is the perfect solution when experiencing a bout of sensitive teeth after eating something cold or drinking a hot beverage and goes well with cinnamon.

And it has also been reported that clove oil decreases decalcification of teeth and actually stimulates remineralization. Now that is awesome!

Why Cinnamon Essential Oil?

The biggest reason is because it tastes good! It has also been linked to improved immune function because it is naturally anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-microbial. Cinnamon also lifts mood and helps to relieve depression. And some even believe it to be a natural aphrodisiac – bonus!

To Wrap Up

Chewing gum has its benefits. So if you have an addiction to it like me, feel vindicated. There’s good reason for it.

And with a couple of minutes, three ingredients and the amazing power of essential oils, you can make your own chewing gum that tastes good, improves the condition of your teeth and improves your mood. That’s a win/win/win all around!

How To Make Safe, Non-toxic Sunscreen Using 2 Essential Oils

how to make sunscreen from essential oils

How To Make Sunscreen From Essential Oils

Winter is long and harsh in the north. It’s not uncommon for those of us up here to experience cold weather for seven or eight months straight (and sometimes longer). So when it warms up, I encourage my little tribe to spend as much time as possible outside.

We go on family walks, play at parks, lay outside at the beach (my personal favorite), frequent water parks and anything else that warrants an excuse to be outdoors.

All this time outside is super fun and helps to improve all of our moods. Plus, it replenishes and boosts our vitamin d3 levels too.

Sunlight is important and absolutely critical to being healthy and vibrant. There is a healthy balance though. Too much sunlight, too often can lead to problems.

Melanoma, otherwise known as skin cancer is one of the major concerns. And getting a bad sunburn is no fun either.

Using Natural Sunscreen

I’m a mother who struggles with keeping her overly hyper and active kids busy, so they have to spend lots of time outside to burn off energy. But I have no intention of using traditional sunscreen – the stuff is terrible and has been linked to all kinds of nasty side effects (we absorb what we put on our skin after all).

Yes. You can go buy natural sunscreen (Burt’s Bees brand comes to mind) but in my opinion they are way overpriced for what you’re getting.

I think a far better solution is to use the magic of essential oils with a few other key ingredients and make your own.

I did this last year and was overjoyed with how well it worked. None of my kids got a sunburn. Not even once through the whole summer. And we spent long days outside at the beach during the prime time of day when most people go home with a crisp.

A Recipe For Sunscreen Using Essential Oils

Here’s this magical recipe. It will protect you and your family from the harmful UVA and UVB rays while nourishing and hydrating your skin. Big bonus!

What You Need

  • Small, glass jar (mason jars work great).
  • ¾ cup of coconut oil.
  • 2 tablespoons of non nano zinc oxide (the particles of zinc sit on the surface of the skin and scatter UVA and UVB rays before they ever reach your skin. Only use NON nano zinc oxide which you can find on Amazon.
  • 2 tablespoons of shea butter.
  • 10 drops lavender essential oil.
  • 1-3 drops of a pomegranate essential oil.

What You Do

  • Mix up everything except the non nano zinc oxide into your small mason jar.
  • Take a frying pan and a small amount of water (usually 1-2 inches tall will work) and heat it up on the stove under medium/low heat.
  • Take the mason jar that you have containing the oils, shea butter, and coconut oil and place it into the thin layer of water in the frying pan. The heat will begin to warm up and melt the coconut oil. Stir all the ingredients together until thoroughly mixed.
  • Combine the zinc oxide and stir until everything is mixed together well.
  • You can store your new sunscreen in a dark cabinet or pantry until you’re ready to use.

As I mentioned, this is an awesome recipe but I would recommend that you reapply:

  1. After about 2-3 hours.
  2. Excessively sweating.
  3. Anytime you enter and exit the water (ocean or swimming pool) as it can wash off pretty easily.

DIY Waterproof  Natural Sunscreen Recipe From Essential Oils

This year I want to try a sunscreen that is more waterproof. So I searched around and found a pretty amazing recipe online from Lexie Naturals. I added a few essential oils that are known to be good for the skin.

What You Need

  • ½ cup of coconut oil
  • 3 tablespoons of beeswax
  • ½ shea butter
  • 4 tablespoons of non nano zinc oxide
  • 8 tablespoons of lavender essential oil
  • 2 tablespoons of frankincense essential oil
  • 2 tablespoons of geranium essential oil
  • Small glass jar (I use mason jars)

What You Do

  • Take a frying pan with 1-2 inches of water and bring to a boil over medium-high heat.
  • Place your mason jar into the water to create a double broiler.
  • Add the beeswax, shea butter coconut oil and essential oils.
  • Stir with a wooden spoon (never use metal or plastic when using essential oils).
  • Take your glass jar out of the broiler (it may be hot) and add the non nano zinc oxide. Stir with a wooden spoon until it’s mixed well – smooth, not clumpy.
  • Let the mixture cool.
  • To use, just scoop some out with your fingers and rub it into any areas of your skin that will be exposed to the sun.

SPECIAL TIP: Try cleaning out an empty deodorant stick and refilling it with the mixture before it cools and hardens. This way you have an easy way to apply it on the go!

Wrapping Up

The sun is awesome. And with a little preparation and a few key ingredients, your family can enjoy its comforting warmth without worry.

Miraculously Treat Anxiety in Children Using Essential Oils

This is a guest post by David Cordell

All I could do was hug him and offer reassurance that everything was going to be okay. My son trembled as he dug deeper into my arms. No words, even those from his daddy could take away the terror he felt. I felt helpless, a failure of a father because I couldn’t help him.

What happened? Someone looked at him.

Sounds crazy doesn’t it?

While normal for most children to show nervousness with strangers, my son, Justice, suffered from a level of extreme anxiety. He would worry about events, places, and experiences that other children would give no thought. He constantly played “what if” in his mind and literally “feared” the possibilities of what could transpire. And when he was around a person or group of people he wasn’t accustomed to seeing, anxiety overflowed his little mind, turning into terror, despair and sometimes even outrage.

For his third birthday my wife and I decided to take him to a large, indoor play area. Our hearts were in the right place but we should have known better. Not five minutes into the place (where we just paid forty dollars for entry), Justice latched onto my leg, hiding his face into the back of my knee. My wife and I pleaded with him to be brave because we knew he would love the experience. After a few moments of gentle reassurance, his breathing slowed and he peeked out from behind my leg. Roughly ten feet away, a small boy was smiling at him. Seeing the other toddler’s eyes, pushed my son’s anxiety over the edge. He trusted his arms around me, exploding in a wave of tears. At that point, we knew there was no point trying to console him. He was beside himself. So we left.

The worst part about experiences like that (and there are many more) is the disappointment Justice always felt afterwards. He wanted to play. He wanted to have fun. For reasons unbeknownst to us, he just couldn’t. Our hearts ached for him.

But what could we do? Was our son destined to become a hermit throughout his entire childhood? Was there a way to help him?

Our Big Breakthrough…Rather – His BIG Breakthrough

A few months before this experience, we purchased a kit of many essential oils from a company called doTERRA. Everyone has their own personal preference when it comes to which brand of essential oils to use; this just happens to be ours. Our kit still had several unopened bottles, as we had only recently started to immerse ourselves into the beauty and magic essential oils provide.

My wife was looking through the unopened bottles when she noticed one labeled “balance.” She went onto doTERRA’s website to read the description and was thrilled to see the blend “creates a sense of calm and wellbeing.”

What was there to lose? She applied the oil to the bottoms of his feet, hoping for a miracle.

Miracle indeed!

We saw an IMMEDIATE change in his behavior. And over the course of the next week we observed:

  • A more balanced mood.
  • A brightened outlook on new situations.
  • An improved ability to handle stress.
  • More ease around strangers.
  • Much less crying.
  • A huge decrease in emotional outbursts.

Who was this new kiddo? He certainly wasn’t the boy we had seen over the last couple of years. Could an essential oil have impacted his mood this much? Skeptical, we kept the therapy up. To our amazement he continued to improve.

I realize not everyone uses doTERRA specific oil blends so I will list (company public information) what ingredients they use in this “balance” blend.


  • Spruce – From the Canadian grown Black Spruce. Commonly used to invoke a feeling of deep relaxation.
  • Ho Wood – Distilled from the Cinnamomum camphora, Ho Wood essential oil has an extremely calming effect on the nervous system. It is similar to Rosewood oil and the two are commonly interchanged.
  • Frankincense –Documented in the Bible as one of the gifts brought to Jesus’ birth by the wise men, Frankincense stands today as one of the most powerful and diverse essential oils in existence. It’s properties are incredibly diverse. Amazingly, Frankincense appears to “boost” the effect of all essential oils combined with it.
  • Blue Tansy – A grounding and stress reducing oil. It helps to center and balance our emotions.
  • Blue Chamomile – Another oil with a huge list of benefits such as mood lifting and anxiety reduction.

While I don’t know the exact percentages of each oil in the “balance” blend, I would recommend 10 drops for each oil except Frankincense, use five drops. Dilute the oils with 20-30 drops of fractionated coconut oil and apply topically (the bottoms of the feet work really well).

Put the blend in a roller bottle and keep on hand at all times. Apply it multiple times a day to your little guy or gal. It’s probably a good idea to also apply it right before meeting a new group of people or being introduced to a new place.  Your child will thank you!

Final Thoughts

Extreme anxiety in children can be so taxing on your nerves. Thankfully there are essential oils that will help alleviate their tension and keep them grounded.

One final note: to maximize the effectiveness of essential oil blends, apply liberally and multiple times a day. The key is consistency.

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